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Overflow – but only at certain times

The pre-Christmas period, Black Friday, Cyber-Monday … it’s getting tight, the number of agents is limited and customers should not wait any longer than necessary. In these cases, controlled by a calendar, why not simply forwarding calls to an external number which acts as an overflow location for your own call center? For this purpose, the standard functionalities of LUCS can be used.

Support across multiple countries

Let’s assume that your support is spread across different countries. Thus you may have support staff working in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. How do you make sure that during the day (from 8am-6pm) the support in the respective country is available and occupied during that time, a.i. that the responsible employee directly receives redirected calls?

CRM - Access and Customer Journey

Employees should be able to prepare for the caller – and this not just by means of an announcement about who is calling. Information such as language, title and professional function of the caller help the agent to address the customer more personally. At the same time, the call can be connected to the CRM system. This is done directly by linking a website to the extended toast. Once the agent answers the call, e.g. the tickets of the caller become visible.

Always Available!

Does your company have offices in various regions or countries? Does each branch have a central reception, which is also responsible for the telephone service of the respective location? Do different numbers of employees per branch work in telephone support?