Our 2021 in numbers

You’ve heard what our employees had to say about the last year, now let’s look at what story our numbers tell.

1 new product & 5 new modules

2021 was a big year in terms of product launches and release updates. In January, we launched Luware Nimbus – the modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams. The initial launch of Nimbus came with two modules (Advanced Routing and Enterprise Routing), and our developers worked hard to deliver three further modules and add-ons throughout the year: the Attendant Console, Interact, and most recently the Contact Center.

3 expos

Vaccines and temporarily eased restrictions meant that we could finally meet partners and customers in person again. We had a great time catching up with the contact center and unified communication community at Commsverse, UCX and the Call & Contact Centre Expo.

400 new customers

Luware Nimbus was a huge success from the start. Our customer base grew rapidly, and our Customer Success Teams was kept busy onboarding 400 new customers onto the new SaaS solution.

108 new partners

Our partner base also grew significantly. It’s fantastic to see so many partners across Europe consulting and supporting their clients in digitalizing their interaction management and even doing Nimbus onboardings completely by themselves.

37 new Luwarians

The Luware family and community continue to grow. In July we celebrated the 100th Luwarian and in total, we welcomed 37 new Luwarians throughout the year. It’s great to see more and more people engaging with our vision to make digital interactions personal.

234 780 Teams messages sent and 49 350 hours in video calls

Despite ongoing restrictions, we have fostered our community online and maintained personal connections remotely. Luwarians sent 234 780 messages and spent 49 350 hours in video calls. We even managed to squeeze in four delayed Luware 10th-anniversary celebrations in the UK, Switzerland, Belarus, and Poland where we could meet all the newest Luwarians in person.

More numbers

1 award won
50 kg of cheese consumed
53 Blog posts
1450 new followers on LinkedIn
478 Covid Tests
81900 Emails sent