Live Chat on Your Website

Connect With Your Customers In Real-Time on Microsoft Teams.

Elevate your customer experience by integrating live video chat directly into your website. That way you can be there for your customers in real-time, providing support and assistance wherever and whenever.

With Luware Nimbus, build your tailor made contact center.

Real-Time, Personalized Support with Luware Nimbus Interact

Luware Nimbus Interact removes all technical barriers between you and your customers. Customers can easily initiate a text, voice, or video call with your employees or service line on your website. The system intelligently routes chats to the appropriate employee, enabling direct engagement with customers through their Teams client.

  • For Digital Advisors: Offer digital advisory services to provide personal consultations online.
  • For Video Sales: Deliver an immersive and personalized shopping experience online.
  • For Remote Assistance: Provide immediate remote support and resolve customer issues when and where they occur.

Features You Will Love


  • Integrate Luware Interact into any website or application with a code snippet – plugin-free
  • Customers can easily start a conversation from a popup on a website
  • Users get all interactions directly in their Teams client

Multiple modalities

  • Supports multiple modalities including chat, voice, video, and screen sharing
  • Calls can be initiated with a direct user or service line
  • Use intelligent routing to route the call to the most appropriate agent

The Go-To Choice for Customer-Driven Organizations

“We have transformed the ‘physical distance’ created by digital transformation, as well as the changes in customer behavior, into a new form of personal ‘digital proximity’ [with Luware Interact]. Our pioneering decision during the pandemic for the Digital Bank-Shop was right – both employees and customers welcomed the convenient, digital interaction.” – Axel Schardt, Lead Skill & Service Level Management at Degussa Bank AG

“Luware Nimbus lets us handle all interactions directly in Teams. We never have to leave the platform, which makes call handling super-easy” – Thorsten Stiebig, NetCologne IT Services


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