Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

Turn every call into a positive experience.

Support your team with an attendant console for effortless call management. It allows you to instantly identify a caller, check colleague availability, and transfer calls.

All within a single, intuitive dashboard.

Attend Calls Personally and Professionally

With the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console, receptionists and operators can manage calls directly and efficiently.

Empower Your Receptionists

There are times when a personal touch is important to make your customers feel valued. That’s where receptionists and front-line callers play a critical role in setting the tone for your business. By empowering them with essential tools like one-click transfers and quick contact lookups, you can ensure that every interaction is efficient and professional.

Streamline Your Operations

Switching between multiple applications is inefficient and ultimately results in fragmented information and a poor customer experience. That’s why the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console is fully integrated with the Teams platform, giving your receptionists access to a single source of truth in a unified and convenient platform.

Elevate Your Customer Experiences

First impressions matter. By integrating a CRM or phone book, you can give receptionists the contextual information they need to deliver highly personalized and exceptional customer experiences that keep customers coming back.

The Go-To Choice for Customer-Driven Organizations

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  • The notes function is great. Since many of us work part-time, this allows us to share important information about employees, such as when someone is on maternity leave and who the relevant substitute is.
    Jennifer König, Receptionists at Emmi
  • Luware Nimbus lets us handle all interactions directly in Teams. We never have to leave the platform, which makes call handling super-easy.
    Thorsten Stiebig, NetCologne IT Services

See How It Works

Features You Will Love

Powerful Contact Search

  • Use the search bar to find colleagues or services by typing their names or job titles.
  • Keep track of user preferences and important details for future reference by adding contact notes.
  • See if your colleagues are available by checking their presence status and look at their calendars to know when they are free.

Easy Transfer Options

  • Transfer callers to their desired destination with a single click.
  • Select blind, safe, or consultative transfer modes depending on your desired level of call control.
  • Automatically access your most popular transfer destinations for quicker workflows.

Context Information

  • Seamlessly connect to your CRM or phone book to instantly recognize incoming callers.
  • Use the Power Automate Connector to pull additional information from multiple sources, such as real-time weather data.
  • Get a clear view of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as queue size and longest wait times.

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Where can I purchase the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console?

Luware Nimbus is available through our global network of channel partners. Our authorized partners are experts in Microsoft Teams telephony and can assist with the design, implementation, and support of Luware Nimbus.

Why do I require a Luware Nimbus Routing or Contact Center module to use the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console?

The Luware Nimbus Attendant Console provides a user-friendly interface with tools designed to increase the efficiency of tasks such as transfers and searches. However, to ensure that calls and tasks are correctly routed to their intended destinations, you’ll need one of the following modules: Advanced Routing, Enterprise Routing, or Contact Center. These modules allow you to configure call flows, announcements, and other essential routing features.