Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams – for receptions, attendants and frequent callers

Your operators and receptionists are often the first point of contact for customers. To efficiently and professionally transfer callers they need the right tools: one-click call transfers, a consolidated call queue, easy visibility of colleagues’ presence status, calendar lookup and more. Our Attendant Console combines extensive features with a tailored, modern user interface.

Features we love

One-click call transfer

Calls can be transferred with one click. The attendant console predicts the most probable target recipients making transfers fast and efficient. Contacts, and also teams, can be marked as favorites for efficient transfers.

Contact search

The search includes all contacts of the company directory: Office 365, Exchange and even call groups. With the search functionality, users can find colleagues easily by their names, teams, location, job title or departments.
Do you have CRM contacts that you would like to integrate into the contact search of the Attendant Console? Use Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow) to easily integrate different CRMs with Nimbus. Alternatively, you can export CRM data to an Excel or CSV to be included in the Nimbus contact search. Either way, your employees will see immediately who is calling.


Calendar lookup

Checking colleagues’ presence status and Exchange calendars ensures that callers are transferred to an available employee.


Our Attendant Console is tightly coupled with our Routing solution which adds reporting features as well as queueing capabilities. The dashboard offers valuable insights at a glance to enable informed decisions to adapt processes and manage staff members to meet customer service requirements.

Opening hours

No more IT-support: In the Routing solutions, team leaders can change opening hours themselves in the user-friendly interface directly in the Teams client within seconds.


In the Routing integration, Team leaders manage greetings, out of hours call handling, hold music, and other callflow settings to allow real-time customer service changes.

Native integration

Luware Routing is part of Luware Nimbus – our modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams, covering comprehensive customer service scenarios for Routing, Attendant Console and Recording. Luware Nimbus uses the new Microsoft Graph API and the most modern technology. The cloud-native, SaaS application minimizes IT infrastructure, reduces complexity and makes the setup extremely fast and flexible. Nimbus runs on Azure and it is built on Azure – which brings the full power of the Microsoft ecosystem and Teams to your call queueing and routing scenarios.


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