The first native Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

Your operators and receptionists are often the first point of contact and set the tone for the ensuing customer experience. The Luware Attendant Console improves the quality of every interaction by empowering your frontline callers with the right tools. One-click call transfers, a consolidated call queue, easy visibility of colleagues’ presence status, calendar lookup, and more combined with a modern and intuitive user interface makes transferring callers easier than ever. Being natively integrated into Microsoft Teams, you benefit from the full power of the Microsoft ecosystem. Make good first impressions a priority with the Luware Attendant Console.

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These powerful tools make transferring calls easier than ever before.

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A modern and intuitive dashboard allows callers to focus on what is important and see key real-time statistics. A consolidated call queue allows you to pick calls by importance.

One-click call transfer

Transfer calls with one click. The attendant console predicts the most probable target recipients, making transfers fast and efficient. Users can also save up to 15 favorite contacts.

Contact search

Quickly search contacts within the company directory, Office 365, Exchange and call groups. Users can easily find colleagues by their name or filter by teams, location, job title and department.

Contact Databases

Immediately see who is calling by integrating your CRM contacts into the Attendant Console contact search. This can be done using Microsoft Power Automate to import contact data from your CRM or other sources like Excel files or CSV.

Calendar lookup

Ensure that callers are transferred to an available employee by checking colleagues’ presence status and Exchange calendars.

Add-on to Luware Routing

The Attendant Console is an add-on to Luware Routing. PSTN numbers (your main number, hotline, or service lines) are automatically distributed to an available team member through Luware Routing – users can then take or forward calls using the Attendant Console. Whilst Luware Routing is licensed by service (per phone number/team); the Attendant console is licensed by user.

Native customer service suits

The Luware Attendant Console is part of Luware Nimbus – our modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams. It is the first Attendant Console natively integrated into Microsoft Teams, which means minimal IT infrastructure, reduced complexity as well as a fast and flexible set-up.

Combine solutions flexibly

You only need to install Luware Nimbus once for your entire organization – just decide which employees need the Attendant Console and for which phone lines you want the Advanced or Enterprise Routing. Our solutions are based on a subscription model, which allows you to easily add users or upgrade at any time.

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Full Feature Overview

The Luware Attendant Console empowers your frontline callers with the right tools. Compare features below.

Microsoft Teams

Attendant Console

Call handling
Teams for taking calls
Park call
Current calls in queue
Call picking
Transferring calls
Transfer to specific numbers
Blind transfers
Safe transfer
One-click transfer
Contact search
Favorite contacts
Most likely transfer targets
View contact source
Personal contacts
Custom address books
Notes on contacts
Colleagues’ availability
Employee presence
Start chat with colleagues
Write email to colleagues
Calendar lookup
Employee productivity
User-optimized Browser-version
Customer information
Overview of services
Opt in/out of service
Support & licensing
Standard Support
Premium Support
Licensing model
Per named user