A new milestone: 100 Luwarians

We have marked another milestone. Please join us in warmly welcoming our 100th Luwarian! Luware was founded in 2010 by five co-founders including Michael Jakob and Philipp Beck, who still serve Luware as CTO and CEO respectively. Since its founding days, the company has grown steadily into an internationally renowned software development company that spans five countries and is made up of employees from a number of nationalities, cultures, and personalities.

“Looking back, it was a hard and rewarding time; there was no dedicated Sales, Marketing, Professional Services or Human Resources team, everyone contributed to the overall success of the company. Back then even I was coding,” Philipp states with a smile. “Luware has now grown from a start-up into an international company. I am happy and proud to be in a place where there are professional teams with skills and expertise that I can count on. Luware continues to grow in strength with every new employee and I am especially excited to welcome our 100th Luwarian.”

The steady growth in employees is a testament to our product as well as to the evolving market, which we are serving. We were actively hiring throughout 2020 and since the start of the year, we have welcomed 14 new employees. We are delighted that we have managed to increase the proportion of women from 19% to 23% and that we were able to welcome people from new cultural backgrounds. Luwarians continue to be very young, with an average age of 36 ½ years.

What stands out is that as the company has grown, the culture has remained one of familiarity and friendliness. Afterwork happenings remain a staple at Luware and after over a year of social distancing, we are glad to once again have more opportunities to meet each other in person: for a BBQ in the nearby park, a joint cycle ride or a fondue evening. Even as Luware grows, we are working hard to nourish this spirit as we value our success in business just as much as we value our professional community.

We are not stopping at 100 and continue to actively hire great talent. Do you want to be our 101st employee? Apply for one of our 8 open positions.