Intelligent Call Routing for Microsoft Teams

Move past Auto Attendants and simple queue-based routing to communicate with purpose. Luware Advanced Routing adds extensive telephony and workflow functionalities to Microsoft Teams so that you can optimally manage your workforce and streamline enterprise interactions.

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Benefits of Advanced Routing

Fast Set-up

A simple onboarding process means you’re ready to go in no time.

Easy To Use

The solution is so intuitive that no training is required.

More Flexibility

Powerful self-service features give employees increased flexibility.

Truly Transparent

The flat-rate service-based license makes costs transparent.

Features You Will Love

Workflow Editor

Simplify complex processes and design and manage call and workflows in real-time with the visual drag and drop workflow editor. Standardize and automate processes to create efficient and effective interactions.


Empower your line-of-business with powerful and intuitive self-service features. Increase flexibility by making it easy to change opening hours, announcements, and user management without the help of IT.


Improve performance through insightful management reports. Extensive reporting statistics help you to adapt processes, manage staff members and to meet customer service requirements.

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How is Luware Nimbus Advanced Routing different to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing lets you connect phone numbers (PSTNs) to Microsoft Teams so that you can make and receive external calls using the Teams platform. This includes direct phone numbers for individual employees as well as service numbers (call groups, service desks, hotlines). Luware Nimbus Advanced Routing allows you to manage your service numbers once they are in Teams, including queueing, routing, workflows and more.

With which calling setup can Advanced Routing be used?

Advanced Routing can be used with any call setup in Microsoft Teams: Direct Routing, Calling Plans, or Operator Connect. If you want to use Advanced Routing for internal use cases only, you don’t even need to connect a PSTN number.

What can Luware Nimbus Advanced Routing do that Microsoft Teams cannot?

Microsoft Teams offers basic queuing and IVR functionality. However, the setup and any changes require an IT admin. Luware Nimbus Advanced Routing allows service owners to manage the service themselves in a graphic user interface. Plus, they get more functionality compared to Teams. Check out the feature comparison for a detailed overview.

How does the licensing work?

Advanced Routing is licensed per service (i.e. per call group/ phone number/ team). Additional users within a service don’t impact the costs. This flat rate makes costs transparent and predictable.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary between modules and depend on the number of licenses purchased. Get in touch with us so that we can give you a personalized quote.

Is there a free-trial?

You get a free, productive 30-day trial (does not include an onboarding package or support) if you place an order. You can cancel your order within this 30 day trial period without charge. You can do a self-onboarding or purchase an onboarding package with our Customer Success Team.

Can I upgrade to Enterprise Routing later?

Yes, upgrading a module is very easy and possible at any time. You can use the same call flows, and you will immediately benefit from increased functionality once you upgrade.