Call Queueing and smart Routing for Microsoft Teams

Luware Routing adds extensive call queuing and routing features to Teams, including a visual workflow editor for call queues, IVRs/Auto Attendants, reporting and even CRM integration. It is natively built on Azure and thus integrates all the powerful Azure tools for the use in your customer service, such as human-like text-to-speech, Power Automate for connecting CRM and ticketing and many future integrations and automations. Leverage your investment into Microsoft and Teams and empower your employees to serve internal and external customers easily with Teams – at your help desk, local branch office, service number or hotline.

Transform your Call Queueing and Routing

These powerful tools make call queueing and routing easier than ever before.

Full feature overview

Calls directly in Teams

Your users take calls directly in Microsoft Teams – and use Teams as the only client for all phone calls. This allows a collaborative customer service where employees can easily consult experts within the company or forward callers to colleagues – all within Teams.

With the Luware’s Routing and Queueing solution, employees see at a glance which service number or hotline the customer has called, allowing them to respond individually and even actively manage the calls in the queue.

Workflow editor

Processes can be complex – that’s why we make it easy for you. Our visual workflow editor lets you change your routing and queueing setup in no time, with immediate effect and without the help of IT. Drag and drop the elements, connect them, define rules, go live instantly.

Opening hours

Have your opening hours changed? Do you have a one-time event or a local holiday? Team owners can easily adjust the availability in the call queue calendar, without the help of IT, in real-time. And since the workflows utilize these opening hours, there is no further action required.

Service reporting

Personal performance dashboards give the employees the tools to effectively plan their after-call work or switch service lines to help colleagues.

Team and service dashboards offer managers and supervisors valuable insights including call queue statistics and employees’ performance. This enables informed decisions to adapt processes, manage staff members and to meet customer service requirements.

Power Automate

Take care of what’s important (e.g. customer service) and automate the rest (e.g. business processes). With Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow), you can link all your data – without writing a single line of code or the help of IT. Connect Luware Nimbus with Power Automate Connectors integrate your call queueing and routing easily with other tools.

Integrate our queueing and routing solution with your CRM, ERP or ticketing system to give your employees context information, reduce IVR menus, and increase your first call resolution rates and customer satisfaction. Make all relevant customer information available to employees and let the system automatically create tickets or CRM cases by integrating it into our Routing solutions using the out-of-the-box connectors in Power Automate.

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Native customer service suite

Luware Routing is part of Luware Nimbus – our modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams. It is the natively integrated into Microsoft Teams, which means minimal IT infrastructure, reduced complexity as well as a fast and flexible set-up.

Combine solutions flexibly

You only need to install Luware Nimbus once for your entire organization – just decide for which phone lines you need Advanced or Enterprise Routing. Our solutions are based on a subscription model, which allows you to easily add users or upgrade at any time.

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Our editions for Call Queueing and Routing

Our Routing solution comes in these two editions, tailored to different needs:

Microsoft Teams

Advanced Routing

Enterprise Routing

Employee tools
Teams for taking calls
Current calls in queue
Opt in/out of service
Workflow editor
by IT Admin
Text to speech announcements
Music on hold
by IT Admin
IVR/Auto Attendant
by IT Admin
Routing decisions
IVR/Auto Attendant
by IT Admin
Opening hours
Service availability
Parameter based
Longest idle/Fair queue
Simultaneous ring/broadcast
Employee presence
Interactive queuing
Call picking
Customer information
Power Automate integration
Website/CRM screen-pop
Power BI
Personal dashboard
Service reporting (real-time)
Task completion codes
User management in Teams
Role-based access
Activate/deactivate users
Change workflows
Manage opening hours
by IT Admin
Support & licensing
7am-7pm CET
Licensing model
Per service
Per service