Challenges, freedom and friendships – this is working at Luware

Do you want to combine challenging work and a unique company culture? Do you enjoy tackling tasks and then celebrate the day with your colleagues over afterwork drinks? We help each other out, enjoy our freedom, bring in ideas, share our opinions, start new projects, make change. We love our work and value our colleagues as supportive teammates and enjoy hanging out during coffee breaks, have challenging dart matches or fun nights out.

Our jobs – join our team!

Our development team develops modern Routing, Contact Center and Recording applications for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams in close collaboration with Microsoft. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology and cloud-native architecture. Our sales team brings these solutions to the market, helping customers to transform their customer service. Our Customer Success team, consisting of System Engineers and Customer Success Managers, ensure a smooth delivery of our solutions to our customers with their expert advice and technical knowledge.

Why Luware?

There are many good reasons to work at Luware. Let’s show you a few:


Young, multinational, motivated, and maybe a bit crazy – our Luwarians combine expertise and an easy-going nature. We are on a strict first-name basis and don’t take ourselves too seriously – from employee to CEO (especially our CEO).


We have an innovative, modern product and service portfolio in a rapidly growing market. We are offering on-prem as well as cloud solutions built with microservices and cloud-native infrastructure, using .NET Core, Docker, Azure, Angular, Kubernetes and Raven DB (NoSQL).


We value your expertise and trust that you will handle your tasks diligently and independently and that you ask for support or feedback when needed. Therefore, we give you your own projects with a lot of freedom and responsibility.


One thing we can promise you – in two years your job will look completely different. Luware is growing – fast! With our evolving products and services there will always be versatile development opportunities for you in all our departments!


We like to hang out with each other besides work as well – whether for movie nights or game, zoo and museum visits, celebrating each other’s cultures and religions, boating on the Limmat river in Zurich, and many more organized and spontaneous activities.


We like your visions and drive! We welcome your ideas, opinions and suggestions to change, improve or build something completely new at Luware. Just be aware that you will probably be put as the lead of that project and given the opportunity to build up what you have suggested.


Work at one of our trendy offices in Zürich or London. It goes without saying that we have height-adjustable tables, big screens, and other state-of-the-art hardware. Having a cozy office is important to us which is why we have a comfortable common area, gaming corners and a lounge.


Over 19 different nationalities are working at Luware. Our company language is English, and we speak over 18 other languages, e.g. Belarussian, Marathi, Indonesian, Kiwi, Brummie, Creole, Turkish, Spanish or Polish. We are between 24 and 62 years old – averaging at 35 years young.

Much more…

Apply at Luware and explore more reasons to work with us.

Quantitative facts and subjective perceptions

Okay, not all these stats are coming from reliable sources… Nevertheless, they might allow you a more elaborate evaluation of Luware.


Afterwork drinks time (4pm on Fridays)


Liters Lubrew (our own beer)


women (more welcome!)


unicorns in the London office


cakes & birthday celebrations in Minsk (per year)


Superhero gadgets in the Zurich office


private offices


of Luwarians love coffee