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We love what we do:
developing software for exceptional customer service

Led by our customers’ needs, managed by our founders: We are over 100 Luwarians in Switzerland, the UK, Germany, the USA and Poland with a passion for modern technology and excellent customer service. In close collaboration with Microsoft, we expand their communication platforms to connect employees and customers across all channels. With over 11 years of experience in software development and customer service, we support our clients worldwide to actively shape their customer experiences.


Founded by pioneers

Philipp Beck Luware CEO
Philipp Beck

After his electrical engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, which he graduated from with honors in 2007, Philipp worked at the Institute for Networked Solutions and dealt intensively with the Microsoft UC environment. Since 2007, Philipp has the title of Microsoft Certified Master for OCS, which he later confirmed with the titles Microsoft Certified Master Lync 2010 and Microsoft Certified Solution Master Communications for Lync 2013.

Michael Jakob

As part of his bachelor thesis at the University of Rapperswil, Michael laid the foundation for today’s LUCS and TeamManager products. Since 2010, he has been responsible for the technical development of Luware products as CTO. He manages a team of more than 30 employees and is constantly refining existing and new products based on Scrum.

Certifications and awards

Luware provides quality-driven contact center solutions. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and in the Microsoft certification program for contact center solutions for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Multiple awards are a testament to our expertise and innovation.

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The Luware Spirit

Philipp and Michael have founded Luware over 10 years ago. What do they do today? And how is it to work for Luware? Watch the interview with our CEO Philipp to get a glimpse into our work environment. (Enable subtitles by clicking on the settings icon).

Working at Luware

Do you want to combine challenging work and a unique company culture? Do you enjoy tackling tasks and then celebrate the day with your colleagues over afterwork drinks? We help each other out, enjoy our freedom, bring in ideas, share our opinions, start new projects, make change. We love our work and value our colleagues as supportive teammates and enjoy hanging out during coffee breaks, have challenging dart matches or fun nights out.

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