Luware Nimbus –
your sidekick for enterprise interaction management

Luware Nimbus extends Microsoft Team’s functionality for various telephony and contact center use cases through a range of cloud-native and fully integrated modules and add-ons. Leverage your investment into Microsoft Teams and transform the platform into a central experience hub for all internal and external communications.

Luware Nimbus Cloud Native

Nimbus grows with your organization. A microservice architecture makes the software highly agile and hyper scalable. Nimbus is cloud-native and optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud, which reduces IT infrastructure and complexity.

Luware Nimbus Extended Contact Center
Deeply integrated

As the first and only (almost) certified Extended contact center for Microsoft Teams, Nimbus guarantees the deepest possible integration with the platform. Nimbus adheres to Microsoft’s high standards regarding APIs, software architecture, and security.

Luware Nimbus Made for users
Designed for users

Tailored to enable and enhance enterprise interactions, Nimbus is designed for users. The simple setup and the intuitive user interface allows for a high level of self-service, which improves productivity and efficiency.

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Let us know which use case (e.g. call groups, IT helpdesk, reception, contact center) you would like to solve and what challenges you are currently facing. We would be happy to help you find the right solution.

Why Luware Nimbus?

The perfect companion

Luware Nimbus is the first, and to date the only, Extended Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. This guarantees that our solutions are optimally integrated into the Teams environment and correctly adhere to Microsoft’s standards regarding APIs, software architecture, and security.

No training required

If you have used Microsoft Teams before, Nimbus will feel familiar from the get-go. The simple and intuitive user interface provides you with quick access to all the functions you need, exactly when you need them.

Self-service for your line of business

Empower your employees to achieve more. Nimbus helps your line of business gain independence through powerful and user-optimized self-service features that enable Team leaders to manage their own use cases in real-time. Be it with our drag-and-drop editor to design your workflows, the inbuilt opening hours, agent skills, or announcements.

Tap into the full power of the Microsoft Ecosystem

Transform Microsoft Teams into your central operating system for the cloud. Luware Nimbus comes with connectors to Microsoft Power Automate allowing for no-code automation and integration of third-party applications such as a CRM, ticketing systems, phone directories or webservices.

Grow with Nimbus

We have invested heavily in Nimbus’ foundation by building it as a cloud-native application that is deeply integrated with Teams, which makes it a future-proof solution. Luware Nimbus is continuously evolving as we are developing more contact center functionality and features. If you are following the ‘Microsoft way’ and a long-term strategy with Teams as a central communication platform, then Nimbus is for you.

In tune with the times

The set-up process only takes an hour and ensures a fast speed to market. You only need to install and authenticate Nimbus once for your organization. Start small and add modules, add-ons and users as you go. Free, continuous updates mean that you benefit from new features instantly. The cloud-native architecture and deep integration with Teams makes Nimbus highly scalable and suitable for companies of all sizes and industries.

Uncensored customer feedback

  • “I freaking love Nimbus.”
  • “Very nice solution for Teams, great functionality, and very good UI.”
  • “Ease of use, high user acceptance, full integration with Microsoft Teams client.”
  • “Good solution and perfect support from Luware.”
  • "It is great to have a product which integrates fully into our Microsoft 365 strategy and therefore uses the features in Azure natively and does not only run on it."
  • "Cool crew"

Nimbus Product Booklet

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