Luware Nimbus:
Microsoft Teams’ sidekick to save customer service

Microsoft Teams has a lot of superpowers and truly masters collaboration. What about customer service? Don’t despair! Microsoft Teams’ sidekick Luware Nimbus brings comprehensive features which integrate customer communication seamlessly into Teams. Nimbus is a cloud-native, modular suite, running and built on Azure. It uses the Microsoft Graph API and modern cloud technology. Together, Microsoft Teams and Luware Nimbus can save customer service!

Combine flexibly

Pick and mix our solutions as you wish. You only need to install Luware Nimbus once for your company and you can then use it anywhere in your organization – just decide which employee needs which solution and edition.

Upgrade anytime

Start small, upgrade whenever and only those call queues and service lines that you need now. Or simplify your migration strategy by starting with the easy use cases first (e.g. Routing or Attendant Console) and tackling complex scenarios later (e.g. Contact Center).

Download Product Booklet

A good old PDF has its benefits. Whether it's for saving it to your files, printing it out on actual paper or for sharing it with your colleagues.

Fast & flexible

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model reduces IT infrastructure and makes deployment extremely fast. Easy user administration and flexible workflows allow to adapt to everchanging needs. Continuous, short release cycles drive technology adoption and innovation.

One platform

Teams and Nimbus together break down silos – standalone applications and departmental thinking. As Nimbus is part of the Microsoft ecosystem, the existing investment into Teams can be maximized and user management is very simple, allowing every employee to work for customer service.

The power of integration

Thanks to the cloud-native architecture, Nimbus can utilize Microsoft’s full power of integration. Business departments can set up integrations to CRM, ticketing and other systems using standard connectors in Power Automate, independently and without a single line of code.

“It is great to have a product which integrates fully into our Microsoft 365 strategy and therefore uses the features in Azure natively and does not only run on it. It is always a pleasure to work directly with a specialized vendor who speaks the same language and cares as much about great customer service as we do.”

Magnus Hafner, LucaNet

Features we love

Explaining all of Nimbus’ superpowers would make this page very long. Therefore, we have picked our favorite features to show you. For a more specific showcase of our features, check out our Nimbus solutions for Routing, Attendant Console and Recording.


  • Graphical Workflow Editor
  • Team owners can set up and change routing rules, announcements and more themselves
  • Humanlike text-to-speech announcements in over 50 languages and 200 voices
  • Changes are instantly applied to new calls


Taking calls

  • Serve your customers with no additional software
  • Quick and easy training for users
  • Single pane of glass with the personal dashboard

Personal reporting

  • Empower your customer service employees with a full view of their own performance
  • Consolidated queue for all services
  • Instantly opt in and out of different service lines

Service Reporting

  • Real time reporting
  • Live KPIs for all queues
  • Historical reporting
  • Employees’ performance