Luware wins Technology Product Awards 2021 for Best Cloud Service

The Computing Technology Product Awards recognize the most innovative and successful products and vendors of the UK’s technology industry. “Naturally many of the entries have focused on coping with the stresses of the pandemic. The last two years have shown the need to pivot quickly and the companies that have prospered have fostered agility and embraced change whilst others have just struggled to get back to normal,” says Tom Allen, Delta Site Editor for Computing.

Amongst one of the standout products was Luware Nimbus, which won the Best Cloud Service Award and was highly commended as the Best Business Application. The Best Cloud Service Award recognizes a service that is genuinely new and exciting and shows evidence of new functionality, new features, and a fresh take on development – as well as the provable and measurable benefits it has brought to business.

Luware Nimbus could deliver on all those asks. It extends Microsoft Teams’ functionality for various telephony and contact center use cases and is the first Extended Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. It is unique in that it is cloud-native as well as Teams-native, which means that it was designed to optimally perform in the cloud as well as within the Teams platform. Thanks to this deep integration, Teams becomes a central experience hub for employees. That Luware Nimbus hit the spirit of the times and is bringing measurable benefits to business can be seen by the rapid growth of the product .

“It is great to see Luware Nimbus is getting so much traction. Building a new product from scratch and reimagining the contact center has not always been an easy journey. I would like to thank everyone who have believed in us and am excited to see it paying off,” says Philipp Beck, CEO of Luware.