Easily manage call groups and call queues in Microsoft Teams

Manage your hunt groups or call groups to answer calls directly in Microsoft Teams. Professionalize your central Sales hotline, HR number, service desk, legal advisory board, or any other team providing internal or external telephony service.

Improved customer experience

Incorporate announcements and hold music to optimize the caller’s service experience and to increase retention.

Better call management

Easily manage call queues and ensure that no calls are lost and that all customers are catered to.

Increased first call resolutions

Directly transfer customers to the right employee to decrease wait times and quickly resolve queries.

Take control over your call flows

Extend Microsoft Teams with extensive telephony and call management functionalities that enable your to easily manage your call groups and queues.

Easy to handle, easy to love

Call overview

Members of your call group have a full overview of call queues and see which service (e.g. HR, London office) the caller has dialed and can take calls accordingly. The caller list shows all the calls that have been answered, went to voicemail or have been called back. This ensures that all customers are served.

Workforce management

Optimize employee scheduling whilst keeping customers satisfied. Users can temporarily activate or deactivate themselves in a call queue with a toggle switch to either get focus time or help a service in busy times. Easily add employees to the call group for free.

Customize announcements

Upload your own file or use Text to Speech announcements to greet customers. Shorten wait times by adding announcements about important maintenance information, by informing about self-service options or by offering customers to leave a voice message.

Live and historic reporting

Deep dive into your data with ready-made templates that summarize live and historic data and confidently measure KPIs such as call volumes, user statistics and task heatmaps. Use statistics to anticipate busy times and plan staffing accordingly.

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