Enhance Compliance and Avoid Misconduct with Intelligent Conversation Recording

Empower your organization to proactively identify misconduct and ensure compliance. Luware Recording gives you the tools you need to connect the dots in your data and detect misconduct before it becomes a serious incident.

Safeguard Your Organization from Non-Compliance and Misconduct

Effectively detect and avoid misconduct by connecting the dots across your organization’s activities with Luware Recording. Capture and store conversations from all your communication channels – from Microsoft Teams to Trader Voice – and use intelligent voice solutions to monitor and detect changes in behavior, and risk profiles. By empowering your risk management team with this data, you can proactively prevent misconduct and go beyond simply detecting past incidents.

Capture, Store, and Analyze Conversations

Keep a comprehensive record of all your conversations in one easy-to-use platform.

Identify Conduct Risk Patterns

Proactively avoid misconduct in conversations by monitoring specific keywords, tracking sentiment, and training AI bots.

Ensure Compliance

Connect the dots between compliance and misconduct and use deep data to improve your risk management.

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Detect and Avoid Misconduct With These Features

Keyword Tracking

  • Identify and monitor keywords associated with risky activity
  • Monitor conversations and transactions against keywords
  • Proactively identify potential instances of fraudulent behavior

Sentiment Analysis

  • Detect emotions such as frustration, happiness, or satisfaction
  • Identify suspicious or unusual behavior
  • Investigate inconsistencies to identify conduct risk

Topic Identification

  • Identify common topics in conversations
  • Automatically group transcripts by topics
  • Quickly find the moments when specific topics were discussed

How Highly Regulated Organizations Like Yours Are Using Luware Recording To Mitigate Conduct Risk

"We need a trustworthy, scalable, and efficient recording solution to meet our stringent regulatory requirements and contractual commitments for quality control. We decided to go with the fully managed service from Luware because experts know how to do it best." - Daniel Steinmann, Swiss Re

"Luware has all the right security measures in place so that our calls can’t get intercepted on Microsoft Teams." – Christoph Ruys, KBC

Connect the Dots With Cutting-Edge Compliance Recording Technology

Luware Recording leverages Verint’s cutting-edge compliance recording technology and harnesses the latest artificial intelligence innovations. This allows you to reduce your conduct risk with a secure, data-driven AI system meticulously trained on two decades of customer engagement data.

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Proactively Prevent Conduct Risk With Luware Recording

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