Preview Cloud-based contact center for Microsoft Teams

Our 100% cloud-based contact center solution leverages the investment into Microsoft Teams and makes customer service part of the company-wide communication strategy. Employees use Microsoft Teams as their single application for internal and customer communications. Custom workflows, skill-based routing and real-time reporting add speed and adaptability to process optimization. Context information, such as customer data, easy access to internal experts and the intuitive user interface empower every employee within the company to serve customers confidently and professionally.

Truly native

The Luware Contact Center is truly native: It uses the Microsoft Graph API and can therefore utilize functionality native to Teams, such as call handling. The media stream stays in the Teams tenant and agents benefit from the best-in-class user experience.

Beyond connected

The Luware Contact Center is not just running on Azure but built on it and thus fully leverages the Microsoft Teams investment and ecosystem. It is currently the only solution that is not only a ‘connected’ but a Microsoft ‘Extended’ Contact Center solution.

Deeply integrated

Thanks to the native integration, the Luware Contact Center can fully utilize Power Automate for no-code integrations and automations. Standard connectors to various CRM, ERP and ticketing tools empower you to integrate your favorite tools within minutes.

Highlights for call and contact center agents, supervisors & management

Our solution is tailored to large-scale call and contact centers with the capability to handle agents with various skills and skill-levels; with employees scattered across locations, language-regions, and time-zones. Its features are built and optimized for contact center agents, supervisors, and the management. Here is a short extract of our favorite features.

Agent skills

Skill-based routing leverages every agent’s skills, ensuring that customers are automatically distributed to a competent agent. It is irrelevant in which location, region, or time-zone the agent is located. The agents’ skills are managed centrally by the supervisor and every agent can have multiple skills (e.g. French, Claims, Insurance Products), and different skill-levels for each (e.g. basic, professional, expert). Skill-based routing ensures the highest quality service coupled with low waiting times and high service reachability.

Workflow Editor

The routing distribution is visualized graphically and allows to set up complex rules as clear and intuitive workflows. Supervisors can create, manage, and change workflows themselves in real-time to adapt to customer service changes.


Real-time dashboards

Dashboards, reports and KPIs offer valuable insights in real-time. They enable informed decisions to adapt processes and manage staff members. Supervisors set up company-specific KPIs and build widget-based dashboards for themselves and their staff, allowing them to react quickly.

Powerful integrations

Our Contact Center solution uses standard Power Automate Connectors to integrate CRM, ERP or ticketing tools – without a single line of code. Utilize these powerful integrations and automations to show customer information, route callers to the right agent, create or open tickets, reduce IVR menus, and increase your first call resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

Native customer service suite

The Luware Contact Center is part of Luware Nimbus – our modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams. It is natively integrated into Microsoft Teams, which means: minimal IT infrastructure, reduced complexity as well as a fast and flexible set-up.

Combine solutions flexibly

Luware Nimbus only needs to be installed once for your entire organization. Once enabled you can flexibly combine our solutions for various users or departments. Our solutions are based on a subscription model, which allows you to easily add users or upgrade at any time.

Choose the right platform

Choose the right platform today to reap the full benefits in your contact center tomorrow. With Nimbus, we are building the next level customer interaction suite for Teams that allows you to integrate Web & App interactions seamlessly into your customer service.

Secure your pole position

We are currently developing our Contact Center solution for Teams. Sign up to stay up to date and secure the pole position for our launch in the fall.

Can’t wait? Other customer service use cases?

If you are in a hurry to utilize Teams for your customer service, check out our solutions for call queueing, routing, and receptions. They cover various telephony and customer service use cases and can facilitate your migration strategy to Teams. You can easily upgrade selected employees to our full-fledged Contact Center solution when it is publicly available.