Tatsiana – Growing With the Product

Tatsiana has been an integral part of the Luware development team since the beginning. She has seen Luware Nimbus grow from the ground up and has grown herself during this time. Her journey began as a QA Engineer, where she was responsible for testing the software to ensure it meets quality standards. During that time, she developed a deep understanding of the software and its dependencies, which she will now use as a Business Analyst to turn business ideas into solutions that exceed customer expectations.

What makes the role of a QA Engineer at Luware exciting, Tatsiana explains, is that it’s more proactive than in most other companies. “We try to make sure the application doesn’t have bugs in the first place because it’s much easier to fix problems in the beginning. We talk to product owners and developers to think about dependencies in advance so that when the first version of the application is ready for testing, there are as few problems as possible.”

Tatsiana finds the detective work exciting, but after 13 years as a QA Engineer, being on the lookout for problems was starting to wear her out. She explains: “I started looking for problems in every area of my life and was constantly anticipating things that could go wrong, so I wanted to change my perspective. I’m happy that Luware gave me the opportunity to move into a Business Analyst role where I can look at the application in a different way. I have now moved from the end of the development process to the beginning, where I can see the bigger picture and ensure that we deliver products that our customers want and need”.

Communication is key to understanding dependencies and the big picture. Tatsiana appreciates the open and transparent communication at Luware, she says: “Management is always open to feedback and I feel heard. I value the regular Townhalls because they help me stay informed about what’s going on in the company. For example, if there is an announcement that we have just landed a big customer, it helps me to prepare because I know that we have to make sure that Nimbus is ready to support those users.”

Tatsiana is also looking forward to participating in Luware’s exchange program. “I appreciate the fact that I can work remotely and that my manager and team trust me to do my work in my own time. The ability to take time off when I need to has improved my work-life balance and makes me more loyal to the company. But sometimes I miss the social connection, so the exchange program is a very exciting opportunity to spend some time getting to know my colleagues better in person”.

Since Tatsiana joined, both the company and she herself have grown. Tatsiana says, “I feel like I am part of something, which is motivating. I can influence the final product, and when I hear positive feedback from customers about a feature I helped to implement, I feel very proud”.

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