Julia's Journey: Becoming QA Engineer and Scrum Master at Luware

Meet Julia, Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer and Scrum Master. Before joining Luware, Julia had a vision – to deliver exceptional products with exceptional people. At Luware, she has turned that vision into reality.

When Julia joined Luware in August 2021, the company was in the process of redefining its workflow by organizing into smaller teams. This strategic change not only streamlined processes but also paved the way for Julia to take on a dual role – QA Engineer and Scrum Master.

Being a QA engineer is more than just testing – “it’s a huge responsibility to make sure the product works well,” says Julia, who thrives in the role. She loves the technical intricacies and the challenge of tackling complex user stories. She embodies a commitment to excellence, noting, “to sleep well, I have to test everything. Julia’s dedication to thorough testing leads her to uncover hidden bugs and intricacies that others might miss: “Sometimes you find one bug after another, and then you have to dig deeper to find a good solution.”

In her role as a scrum master, Julia also takes on the role of a coach, supporting her team members by removing obstacles and ensuring smooth operations. This newfound responsibility resonates with her as she finds joy in fostering collaboration and helping her teammates excel.

Julia’s role requires a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and functional aspects of the product. As a tester, she bridges these domains to ensure that Luware’s offerings seamlessly align with both developer and customer expectations: “I have a deep understanding of the product and can look beneath the surface. I know how to combine the different components”. With a deep understanding of the product’s architecture, Julia creates solutions that combine technical prowess with customer satisfaction.

Julia’s excitement peaks when she talks about Luware Nimbus: “It’s like rocket science! We dreamed up all these things in our heads and managed to turn them into reality. I really love what we have done with Luware Nimbus. It’s so powerful. It’s so flexible. And the customers love it. Julia enjoys being part of creating something that really helps customers and claims that her favorite aspect of Luware Nimbus “is that our customers can combine their internal and external communications. We can help them combine that with all the flexible settings of Luware Nimbus to create something very powerful”.

In the world of quality assurance and scrum master roles, time management is a linchpin. Julia skillfully balances her team’s tasks and priorities by overseeing project boards. Committed to user story delivery, she ensures that her team is set up for success. Effective communication is her ally in this journey, ensuring collaboration and synchronization across globally distributed teams.

Emergencies are handled with finesse, as Julia’s team maintains multiple contingency plans. This proactive approach ensures quick and efficient solutions even in high-pressure situations. The transparent and open nature of the team’s communication facilitates not only success, but also a harmonious work culture.

For Julia, Luware is not just a place to work; it’s a community where friendships thrive. It’s the open communication and friendships that make Julia look forward to coming to work every day. She says, “The people at Luware are great and the annual summer retreat is a highlight. It’s a great opportunity to meet everyone in person and form real bonds. This really helps later when we communicate virtually because we’re spread all over the place”.

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