Frequently Asked Questions About Luware Nimbus

Data Security and Data Privacy

What is Luware's approach to security and compliance, what regulations, standards, and frameworks does Luware adhere to?

Luware is listed in the Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust Assurance & Risk registry, where you can freely download Luware’s security self-assessment.

Where does Luware Nimbus data reside?

Luware Nimbus instances are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers located in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

What certifications does Luware hold?

Luware is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and is currently undergoing the SOC 2 Type II audit report.

Setting Up Luware Nimbus

Where can I purchase Luware Nimbus?

Luware Nimbus is available through our global network of channel partners. Our authorized partners are experts in Microsoft Teams telephony and can assist with the design, implementation, and support of Luware Nimbus.

Can I test Luware Nimbus before I buy it?

Of course. You get a free, productive 30-day trial when you place an order. You can cancel your order within that 30-day trial period at no charge. This does not include any onboarding package or support.

Does my organization need to have Microsoft Teams implemented to use Luware Nimbus?

Yes, your organization needs Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Phone to use Luware Nimbus. Luware Nimbus is a custom application for Microsoft Teams and uses the Teams Phone System for all contact center and call control experiences.

If you need help migrating to Microsoft Teams, please contact one of our partners.

Does Luware Nimbus work with all Microsoft Teams Phone options?

Yes. Luware Nimbus works with Microsoft Teams Calling Plan, Direct Routing, and Operator Connect.

Does Luware Nimbus work on smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Luware Nimbus works on all devices that the Microsoft Teams application works on and can also be used in the browser version.

What does the installation process for Luware Nimbus look like?

Luware Nimbus only needs to be added once by a Teams administrator through the corporate Teams Application Admin Center. Once added, it becomes available to the entire organization through the Teams App Store. Integration is as simple as adding it as a new tab within any Teams channel. Typically, a basic installation can be completed in as little as an hour, making it efficient and hassle-free.

What can I prepare in advance to ensure a smooth installation of Luware Nimbus?

Make sure that at least one company representative with global administrator rights is present to install Luware Nimbus. To speed things up, it is also useful to prepare the appropriate Microsoft Teams teams to which you want to add routing services and check if you have any unused phone numbers that can be used for testing.

Where do I get the Luware Nimbus installation files?

A Customer Success representative will provide you with the necessary installation files to the customer during the onboarding process.

What does the provisioning script do?

The provisioning script is an automated solution designed to streamline the provisioning process. Written in PowerShell, the script makes it easy to connect to our environment and make the necessary changes to your infrastructure so that your environment is properly configured to take advantage of the capabilities of Luware Nimbus.

Using Luware Nimbus

Do you have an instruction manual for Luware Nimbus?

Yes. You can find detailed descriptions regarding setup, configuration, and usage of Luware Nimbus in our Knowledge Base.

Do you provide end-user training?

Certified Luware partners are able to provide end-user training. We also work with 1UC to provide a wide range of end-user training, implementation, and project planning support in a variety of languages. Click here to view the training catalog.

What is the difference between service-based modules and user-based modules?

Service-based modules (Advanced and Enterprise Routing) allow you to distribute calls among a Microsoft Teams-based team. Depending on the distribution type, for example, longest idle, the team member who has been inactive the longest will receive the next call.

In user-based modules (Contact Center), the distribution of tasks and calls is not tied to any team membership.
A skill profile can be defined for each user and calls can then be distributed to the best-qualified user.

Does Luware Nimbus support multiple communication channels like Email, chat, and task management?

We are currently working hard to develop multi-channel routing solutions for Luware Nimbus. The first multichannel modalities will be introduced in 2023 and more can be expected in the future. Upcoming features and their expected release dates can be found on our roadmap.

Is the Luware Nimbus user interface accessible?

All native Microsoft Teams functionality comply with established accessibility standards. This includes taking calls, searching for contacts, transferring calls, and placing calls on hold. Moreover, Microsoft Teams has screen-reader support for people with visual or cognitive impairments.

Luware Nimbus has also been tested against certain user experience guidelines and incorporates features for better accessibility such as dark/light mode and font size adjustments. However, Luware Nimbus is not tested against the complete list of accessibility rules for accessible web apps.

How does Luware Nimbus use Microsoft Teams presence status along with an agent's skill profile to determine if an agent is eligible to join a call?

Luware Nimbus uses Microsoft Teams presence states in addition to an agent’s skill profile to determine whether an agent should join a call.

A detailed description can be found here.

What permissions do guest users need to read the presence status of agents?

Guest users need the following permissions in Azure AD to read the presence status of the agents:

  • Authorization Authorization type
  • Presence.Read.All Delegated
  • User.Read Delegated
  • User.ReadBasic.All Delegated
Can guest users use multi-factor authentication?

No, multi-factor authentication (MFA) must be disabled for the two guest users for presence tracking to work. If your organization requires MFA for security reasons, the guest users should be allowed to log in using conditional access policies only from trusted locations without MFA.

To query presence states within Luware Nimbus, guest users log in from specified IP addresses from Microsoft Azure datacenters. Conditional access can be used to specify that users can only log in from the specified IP addresses.

For a detailed description of how to use conditional access policies and trusted locations to ensure security, click here.

Can presence tracking replace Teams federation?

No, presence tracking cannot completely replace Teams federation. In the event that presence tracking encounters a problem, such as a disruption in the Microsoft tenant, Luware Nimbus is designed to seamlessly switch to Teams federation as a fallback. This ensures continuity and prevents potential system downtime.

More information can be found here.

Using Microsoft Power Automate

What licenses do I need to use Power Automate with Luware Nimbus?

To create low-code automation and integrations with Power Automate, you need a Luware Nimbus Enterprise Routing or Luware Nimbus Contact Center license and at least one Microsoft Power Automate Premium license in your organization. We recommend using a “service” user that acts as the owner in all Luware Nimbus services and defines and executes the Power Automate flows accordingly.

For detailed information about Power Automate licensing, see the Microsoft Power Platform Licensing Overview.

If a call comes into a service line and triggers a flow that uses Premium Connectors to update a SharePoint list item, and many users interact with that flow, is there a cost per user?

Only the owner of the flow needs a premium license.


Can we generate our own reports or transfer data to our preferred data warehouse using Luware Nimbus?

Absolutely. We offer two distinct methods of achieving this:

  • PowerBI templates, which are regularly developed and updated
  • OData interface through which data can be read

See our knowledge base for an example of accessing reporting data via Postman and a detailed article on the Luware Nimbus data model.

Software Updates

How can I stay informed about software updates?

Insights into upcoming Luware Nimbus releases can be found on our roadmap. Additionally, the release notes provide comprehensive details about past releases.

How can I submit a feature request?

We welcome your feature requests and are committed to improving our offerings to meet your needs. Simply contact your dedicated Customer Success or Sales representative. They are eager to hear about your unique requirements and will work with you to explore potential solutions. To facilitate this process, please provide detailed scenarios that highlight the specific ways you see the new feature benefiting you. Your input is invaluable in helping us tailor our services to your needs.

Any More Burning Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Luware Nimbus experts. They’ll be happy to help you in any way they can.