Your Questions Answered

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Luware Nimbus.

Does my organization need to use Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Nimbus was exclusively developed for Microsoft Teams to ensure optimal performance within the platform. Nimbus cannot be integrated with any other Unified Communication platform. If you don’t have Microsoft Teams, but would like to switch to this powerful platform you can contact one of our partners for help.

Can I select different Nimbus modules and add-ons for different Services?

Absolutely! You can combine the modules and add-ons to perfectly fit various use cases. For example, you might use Advanced Routing for your Sales and HR team (to manage call groups, opening hours, etc.), Enterprise Routing for your IT helpdesk (to provide a CRM- and ticketing integration), and the Contact Center for your customer service agents (with agent skills, after call work, etc.).

Can I upgrade from Advanced Routing to Enterprise Routing to Contact Center?

Upgrading a module is very easy! You can upgrade at any time. You can use the same call flows, and you will immediately benefit from increased functionality once you upgrade. An upgrade to Contact Center will change the licensing from ‘per service’ to ‘per named user’.

How are the modules licensed?

Advanced Routing and Enterprise Routing are licensed per service (i.e. per call group/phone number/team). Contact Center, Attendant Console, and Interact are licensed per named user.

Why do I need a Routing/ Contact Center module to use the Attendant Console?

The Attendant Console is an add-on that adds functionality to the routing modules. Routing is required to set up call flows and distribute calls to available Team members.

Does Nimbus work on Smartphones and Tablets

Yes! Nimbus works on all devices that the Microsoft Teams app works on and can also be used in the browser version.

What does it cost?

Prices vary between modules and depend on the number of licenses purchased. Get in touch with us so that we can give you a personal demo and quote.

Is there a free trial?

You get a free, productive 30-day trial (does not include an onboarding package or support) if you place an order. You can cancel your order within this 30 day trial period without charge. You can do a self-onboarding or purchase an onboarding package with our Customer Success Team.

Can I do a pilot or Proof of Concept (PoC)?

We offer a paid pilot/PoC for two months (price of the onboarding fee plus the required licenses).

Does Luware help with the setup?

Yes! As part of our onboarding package, our Customer Success Team will help you set-up and configure Luware Nimbus to make it the optimal solution for your organization’s needs.

Do you provide end-user-training?

Yes! You can purchase additional training with our Customer Success Team. The training will be tailored to your organization and your needs.

Do you have a self-learning platform?

Yes! Check out our Knowledge Base with comprehensive information about the setup, configuration, and usage of Luware Nimbus.

What are Luware’s support hours?

Our support hours are 7 am – 7 pm CET (Central European (Summer) Time). Customers with a certain number of licenses have the option to upgrade to Premium Support (24×7).

Can I get a demo?

You can request a demo here. Please share some details about your challenges and requirements, so that we can arrange a personal online demo tailored to your needs.