Cross-border Customer Service With Microsoft Teams at Synamedia

What used to be isolated contact centers on different continents becomes a service organization where employees help each other out to serve customers optimally. With Luware Stratus Team, the entertainment expert Synamedia found a solution to use Microsoft Teams for customer service. Therewith, employees can use Microsoft Teams internally as well as for customer calls across country and regional borders.

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Synamedia – changing the way the world is entertained

Synamedia is changing the way PayTV operators, Telcos and media companies entertain and inform viewers. In a world of infinite content and entertainment, differentiated and targeted content is the key to success. With their video platform, network, security and advanced advertising solutions, Synamedia is committed to providing the world’s most complete, secure and advanced end-to-end open video delivery solution.

Isolated customer service islands with stiff structures

In the past, Synamedia’s contact centers were run as ‘islands’ – separate departments with dedicated employees for North America, Europe and Asia. Employees served customers during official servicing times of their contact center organization. Customer inquiries outside office hours were automatically forwarded to the next region, even if employees were still available. Workload could not be distributed among the several contact center and employee staffing was limited to department structures.

Contact center with worldwide coverage based on Microsoft Teams

In search of a global cloud communication solution incorporating a contact center, Synamedia found Microsoft Teams and Luware Stratus Team to serve their needs perfectly. Reducing complexity in the IT infrastructure was one of Synamedia’s major goals. Microsoft Teams and Stratus Team runs in the cloud, requires no installations and allows collaboration between countries and regions – also in the contact center. Employees can be assigned to multiple teams and with Stratus Team, they can take calls from several service numbers. Jo Ringrose-Voase, Microsoft 365 Service Owner at Synamedia explains: “They can serve customers from anywhere, and resourcing requirements and workload distribution can be met real-time.”

“Resourcing requirements and workload distribution can be met real-time.”
Jo Ringrose-Voase, Synamedia

Call routing integrated into Microsoft Teams

“We were evaluating a number of solutions to solve the routing of our customer calls and to overcome the stiff structures of the past contact center,” explains Jo Ringrose-Voase and adds: “Luware’s proactive support was key in our evaluation process. The deployment process of Stratus Team is fast and the solutions can flexibly adapt to our needs.”

By using Microsoft Teams in customer service as well, no additional client is necessary, making training obsolete. Stratus Team tightly integrates call routing into Microsoft Teams. Jo Ringrose-Voase is content: “Employees like the added value to Microsoft Teams and can fully focus on customers.”

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