Sensirion Optimizes Its Reception With the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console

With its technological intelligence, Sensirion has been setting new standards in sensor technology since 1998. The Swiss company, with headquarters in Stäfa and international subsidiaries, develops groundbreaking sensor technology for a wide range of applications.

Reception as the Cornerstone

Receptionists play a critical role in keeping communications flowing. Each month, they answer around 850 calls, answering customer queries and acting as a central hub for the company’s more than 1,200 employees. To efficiently perform this critical function, Sensirion sought a modern telephony solution that could connect all of its locations. Microsoft Teams was identified as the ideal platform, but there was no attendant console that would allow receptionists to efficiently handle phone calls.

“Our receptionists work with the telephony solution on a daily basis, so it was important for us to find a suitable solution that meets their needs, satisfies them, and fits into our company’s IT strategy,” says Marino Lauber, Head of Global IT Client Services at Sensirion. With the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console, Sensirion has found the perfect solution. Thanks to the seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, receptionists now have an intuitive dashboard that is directly integrated into the Teams application and enables efficient processing and routing of customer calls.

Maximum Efficiency Through Telephony Outsourcing

Before deploying the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console, Sensirion had an on-premises phone system that was not only expensive to invest in, but also required a lot of maintenance and time from the IT department. Even small changes, such as adjusting announcements to reflect changes in store hours, had to be made by the IT department. As telephony is not one of Sensirion’s core competencies and the company did not want to invest resources in this area, it was decided to outsource telephony to an external specialist.

“With Luware I was especially impressed by the support. It is amazingly good, very friendly and fast. The documentation was so good that we were able to do most of the setup ourselves. When we had questions, they were always answered quickly. We were able to set up and test the workflows quickly, so we could see results quickly and test the environment. In the end, this also convinced the receptionists of the solution,” says Lauber.

With the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console, receptionists can now work independently, giving them more flexibility and autonomy. They can now quickly find the right employee and see at a glance who else is on the team. Sensirion’s receptionists particularly appreciate the ability to view employee calendars, which they did not have with their previous solution. This allows them to tell customers exactly when an employee will be available again.

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