Emmi Uses Luware Nimbus to Link Together Business Units

With 25 production facilities, Emmi is Switzerland’s leading manufacturer of high-quality dairy products. The company, which is best known for its cold coffee drink Emmi Caffè Latte, employs over 9,000 people in 9 countries. With its roots firmly planted in Switzerland, Emmi is headquartered in Lucerne and upholds seven other branches throughout the country. To connect its various business units with the public, Emmi relies on Microsoft Teams and Luware Nimbus.


Reception as the central touchpoint

At Emmi, the reception is the first point of contact for customers. It acts as an important interface and filters incoming calls. “We are the gatekeepers, so to speak: every day we get inquiries ranging from logistics companies contacting us about deliveries, consumer questions, all the way to sales pitches and job inquiries. We protect our employees by sorting out these calls. We give callers information and forward relevant calls to the appropriate employees,” says Jennifer König, receptionist at Emmi. This is no small task that requires not only special communication skills, but also the right tools. To handle the various inquiries, receptionists need quick access to information and contacts within the company.

Emmi uses the Luware Nimbus Attendant Console for the reception desks at its Swiss branches. It gives receptionists a user interface with information on callers and functionalities for fast and easy call forwarding. A particularly important feature is the search function that helps receptionists to quickly find the relevant contact person at Emmi. The notes function also allows them to add information about the employees. “Since many of us work part-time, this allows us to share important information about employees, such as when someone is on maternity leave and who the relevant substitute is,” says König.

Relief for IT

The Luware Nimbus Attendant Console can be used either in Microsoft Teams or in the browser – users do not need to install any software. This and the automatic updates are a big advantage of the cloud-native customer service suite, especially for IT. “For us, Luware Nimbus is a big relief – many settings are now standardized, and employees need less IT support. In addition, we used to have to spend a lot of time evaluating calls. Now employees can view and evaluate statistics themselves with the dashboards,” says Jörg Burmann, ICT System Architect at Emmi. “We are very satisfied with Luware Nimbus. That’s why, in addition to the reception desks, we have now also migrated our IT helpdesk to the software,” says Burmann.

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