Stop searching for your IT Helpdesk solution

The IT Helpdesk is one of the most critical internal services of a company. Your IT team can certainly confirm that, without a place for employees to submit their pain points and ask for help, businesses would grind to a halt.

Stop searching for your IT Helpdesk solution

While ticketing systems might already be in place at many IT helpdesks, managing calls to the IT team and distributing them to available employees is often still an unsolved issue. There are different approaches to solve this challenge, and to bring telephony and ticketing tools under one hood. Philipp Beck, CEO at Luware, points out that the best platform to run a helpdesk might be right in front of you: Microsoft Teams.

The ideal helpdesk platform 

The problems IT teams may need to deal with vary between quick fixes to overarching issues around hardware, security, connectivity, and access. Therefore, the perfect platform to support their work allows them access to all communication modalities – especially telephony, video calls and screensharing.

Microsoft Teams ticks all these boxes. Talking employees through fixes, utilizing video calling to navigate hardware problems, or using screensharing to understand and solve IT issues makes Teams a powerful tool for the IT helpdesk.

Complete Communications management 

Employees or customers often call the ‘IT Helpline’ when they have an issue. With a third-party solution, IT helpdesk telephony can be seamlessly integrated into Teams.

“This empowers the IT helpdesk team to manage the call queue and set up automatic call distribution to an available specialist,” says Philipp Beck. He adds: “A major benefit is that employees can find the IT helpdesk through the Teams search bar and can call the service – rather than a specific person – directly inside Teams. Additionally, they can also call the associated telephone number from any phone – the call gets into the same call queue and is handled by the IT specialists directly inside Teams.”

Naturally, such third-party solutions for Teams also offer additional functionality like announcements, IVRs, different routing types, opening hours and much more. These features, as Philipp points out, are boxes to be checked. However, using Teams in combination with a third-party solution for an IT helpdesk has many more benefits than just the features. Philipp emphasizes some of the added value: “Authentication becomes very easy. Employees calling directly through Teams are automatically identified as they are logged into Teams with their personal accounts. It doesn’t matter if they call from their desktop or smartphone – from the office or remote.”

Philipp Beck Luware CEO
“Power Automate is a real game changer for the integration of ticketing system.”
Philipp Beck, Luware CEO

Integrate and automate your ticketing 

A crucial aspect of an IT helpdesk is the ticketing system used to track the progress of each issue. Many companies already have a tool in place – many of which are even seamlessly integrated into Teams, allowing employees to see, create and edit tickets. But why create a ticket manually when the system can do it for you?

“Power Automate is a real game changer here,” explains Philipp Beck: “Microsoft’ automation engine allows no-code integrations with Microsoft applications and many other solutions.” There are already many connectors – among them the leading ticketing and CRM tools. Luware uses these connectors to integrate their Routing solution with the ticketing tool: When an IT helpdesk employee takes a call, a new ticket is automatically created or an existing one is opened. The employee uses Teams as the only client and can manage everything centrally in one place.

Bring all components together 

In brief – Microsoft Teams ticks a lot of the boxes for an IT helpdesk. The gaps can be closed by powerful third-party tools like Luware Routing that allow you to bring all the components for your IT helpdesk together into one central platform – Microsoft Teams.

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