Hands-on videos for Advanced Routing

We want to make everything as simple for our customers as possible. To help with this, we have created a few short how-to videos to guide you through some major tasks with our Advanced Routing solution.

Team choice


Users can decide whether to be active or inactive for any services. This allows them to focus on other work when call volumes are low and to help out colleagues in hectic times and thus ensure short waiting times for customers.

Opening hours


With the built-in calendar, opening hours, public holidays or special events can be managed easily. The opening hours are used to route callers to an available team.

Report portal


In this quick overview, we show how team administrators can use the report portal to have a clear overview of Team’s call volumes and KPIs. Reports enable informed decisions to adapt processes and manage staff members to meet customer service requirements.

Workflow resources


Workflow resources are used to playback audio prompts and audio. In the workflow resources, the audio files can be uploaded and then be selected in the workflows. This allows easy adaptation of greetings, hold music and special announcements.



Placeholders allow you to change the behavior of the workflows. There are many different types of placeholders, e.g. virtual transfers, hold music or announcements, and they can be changed easily as this video shows.

Adding users


This video shows how easy and fast it is to add new users in Stratus Team.

Adding team members


Managing your service teams with Stratus Team is quick and simple. Tenant or team administrators can add, change or delete team members themselves and in real-time.

Adding team admins


Team administrators can control team choice for their colleagues, change placeholders and opening hours. Only tenant administrators can give somebody new team administrator rights. This video shows how the tenant administrator can manage team administrators directly inside the Microsoft Teams client.