Luware Nimbus Feature Overview

Luware Nimbus for Routing and Contact Center

Advanced Routing

Adds extensive telephony and workflow functionalities

Enterprise Routing

Adds basic contact center functionalities

Contact Center

For large-scale contact centers
Microsoft Teams to Take Calls
Nimbus Personal App in MS Teams
Nimbus Personal App in Browser
Audio / Video Call Handling (in Teams)
Instant Messaging (Private Preview)
Distribution and Handling of External Tasks
Distribution of WhatsApp messages
Workflow: Basic Functionality
Play Music
Workflow: Tools to Control Flow
Accept Conversation
Disconnect Conversation
Availability Based Routing
Check Opening Hours
Distribution Priority
Get Available Users
Workflow: Parameter Handling
Check Parameter (Parameter-based Routing)
Wait for Parameter (e.g. external updates)
Save to Parameter
Workflow: Queue Handling
Queue Task
Check Task
Cancel Task
Get Queue Position
Workflow: Customer Interaction
Input Customer
Collection Information
Voice Message
Workflow: Templates
Basic Call Templates
Custom Template
System Templates
Context for Calls
Tag Customer Calls
Apply Codes
Context URLs
User Custom Parameters
System Fields and Parameters
Service Features
After Call Work (ACW)
Persistent RONA State
Change the Priority of a Task
Personalize Service Call Actions
Call on Behalf
Service User Assignment Type
None (IVR/Front Services)
Microsoft Teams (Team-based)
Preferred and Last User Routing with Distribution Policies
Skill-Based Distribution
Work Profile
User Features
Assign Skills and Responsibilities to Users
Configurable Direct Call Template Actions
Create Responsibility Profiles
Dedicated Supervisor/Reporting Roles
On or Off Duty States
User State Reports
Monitoring and Reporting Features
Historical Sessions Overview Page
Historical Reporting (Odata/PowerBI)
Non Personal Dashboards
Service Owner KPI Personal Dashboards
Service Team Dashboard
Service Team Reporting
Supervisor to Join Active Calls
Additional Integrations
Power BI Data Connector and Template
Microsoft Power Automate Connector

Luware Nimbus Attendant Console for Operators and Receptionists

Microsoft Teams

Luware Advanced Routing

Attendant Console

Call handling
Teams for taking calls
Park call
Current calls in queue
Call picking
Transferring calls
Transfer to specific numbers
Blind transfers
Safe transfer
One-click transfer
Contact search
Favorite contacts
Most likely transfer targets
View contact source
Personal contacts
Custom address books
Notes on contacts
Colleagues’ availability
Employee presence
Start chat with colleagues
Write email to colleagues
Calendar lookup
Employee productivity
User-optimized Browser-version
Customer information
Overview of services
Opt in/out of service
Support & licensing
Standard Support
Premium Support
Licensing model
Per named user