A Deep Dive into the Dynamic Contact Center Landscape with Philipp Beck

In an interview with Tom Arbuthnot of Empowering. Cloud, Philipp Beck, co-founder and former CEO of Luware, reflects on his experiences leading Luware over the past 14 years. Before stepping down as CEO of Luware, Beck talked about the evolution of Luware. Discussing the transition from on-premises to the cloud, the importance of compliance, and the future of the contact center with AI, the conversation provides insights into the evolving contact center industry.

Successful Partnership with Microsoft

When he talks about how he founded Luware with Michael Jakob 14 years ago, Beck’s face lights up. Their goal was to develop customer service applications that leverage the full potential of the Microsoft UC stack through API functionality.

Since day one, Luware has forged a deep partnership with the renowned American technology giant, Microsoft. The partnership enabled the successful development of powerful contact center solutions that were initially based on on-premises solutions tailored for Lync and Skype for Business.

Transition to the Cloud

As technology advanced, Luware has seamlessly transitioned to developing cloud solutions tailored for Microsoft Teams. This future-oriented focus underlines Beck’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art customer service solutions.

Seamless Integration With Microsoft Technology

As Arbuthnot points out, the benefit of Luware Nimbus is that it can access all the powerful Microsoft technology such as Azure text-to-speech. Beck also elaborates on how Luware Nimbus uses a certified Power Automate connector to integrate different business tools. The “seamless” integration between the Luware Nimbus and Microsoft technology means that the user can’t tell the difference between the two applications.

Compliance Recording for Regulated Industries

Luware recognized the need for businesses, especially those in regulated industries, to record their calls for compliance. Therefore the company ventured into providing cutting-edge compliance recording technology, anchored in Verint technology.

Beck has always been a visionary who sees trends early and has constantly evolved Luware’s positioning to meet the changing customer needs.

Rapid Innovation and High Security in the Cloud

“We rolled out about 40 features last year”, explains Philipp Beck. “The cool thing about the cloud is that we can develop features and customers can use them the next day. That would be unthinkable in the old on-premises world. So that’s been a big change in the last few years.” Security has also become more important. “We want to guarantee the confidentiality of our customers’ data”, emphasized Beck.

AI in the Contact Center: Automation and Alleviation

AI will fundamentally change the contact center of the future. Over the next two quarters, Beck sees the most potential in the automatic transcription of conversations, forwarding transcriptions to a CRM, and creating follow-up tasks. Virtual agents will also take the load off human agents outside of business hours or to answer simple questions. The key to success will lie in training the AI with the company’s knowledge base and other internal documents. “We need to ensure that AI can be used safely and effectively”

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