Get More Out of Luware Nimbus With 1UC’s Tailored Training Packages

In today’s fast-paced and evolving technology landscape, the successful adoption of new solutions like Luware Nimbus requires the active involvement of all stakeholders. That’s why we have partnered with 1UC to provide organizations with customized training packages that facilitate rapid user adoption and successful implementation of Luware Nimbus. The tailored training packages equip your team with the necessary skills to maximize your customer service goals.

The Importance of Stakeholders

With over two decades of experience delivering training to contact center clients, 1UC knows how to address the unique challenges faced by different organizations. Together with 1UC, we have identified all the relevant stakeholders within an organization and understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to implementing a new contact center solution. This allows us to deliver clear, structured, and effective training that addresses the specific needs of each stakeholder to enable a successful rollout of Luware Nimbus.

A Tried and Tested Training Formula

1UC has developed a proven training formula to ensure a successful implementation of Luware Nimbus. By allowing 1UC to take the lead on training, you can be assured that all contact center agents receive the appropriate training at the right stage of the project. This not only streamlines the training process but also takes the pressure off internal project teams, allowing them to focus their energy on moving your business forward.

Customized Training for Diverse Needs

Luware Nimbus is a flexible and modular solution that meets the unique needs of organizations of all shapes and sizes. In partnership with 1UC, we also training packages that take these individual needs into account. To accommodate our clients’ diverse cultural backgrounds, we also offer training in multiple languages to ensure that language barriers do not hinder the adoption process.  Training range from go-live support to end-user training, covering topics such as building custom reports with Power BI and administration training. Beyond traditional training, you can also get project coordination support to ensure a world-class end-user experience through organizational change. By working closely with your stakeholders, we aim to minimize resistance and address known pain points, ultimately maximizing acceptance and adoption within the organization.

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