Communications Compliance for Microsoft Teams: Paving the Way for a Company-Wide Rollout

Modern communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams, are transforming the way organizations communicate. But for companies operating in highly regulated industries, the use of these tools brings new risks and challenges. To ensure communications compliance, they now need to manage a growing volume of electronic communications data and ensure that it’s captured, monitored, and protected.

Make Microsoft Teams Compliant

Heavily regulated industries such as finance and healthcare are legally required to capture and store all online communications for quality assurance, transparency, malpractice deterrence, and liability protection. Such organizations need to have sound governance policies in place to ensure that all communications are adequately captured and stored before they can even migrate to Microsoft Teams.

Because someone in Microsoft Teams could be compliant by voice but engage in misconduct by sharing something fraudulent on their screen, it is critical that any call recording solution can capture all communications across all modalities, including video and screen sharing, and across all devices.

Do More With Less With Conversation Recording as a Service

As organizations are increasingly challenged to do more with limited resources, many lack the in-house expertise to provide the level of security required to protect their most valuable assets. In traditional on-premises environments, this was about physically securing recording solutions against external threats such as water damage. In a cloud environment, the focus is on implementing the right configurations to maintain data security, as a significant number of successful attacks on cloud services are due to customer misconfigurations.

This is where Conversation Recording as a Service comes in. By entrusting communications compliance to experts who know how to create foolproof configurations, you can ensure the security of your assets. This approach allows your staff to focus on driving your business forward without being burdened by security concerns.

Facilitate Communications Compliance With Luware Recording

With Luware Recording’s fully managed service, you can effortlessly close compliance gaps within Microsoft Teams. This comprehensive solution ensures the recording and archiving of all Teams interactions, including voice and video calls, screen sharing, and file sharing. The platform’s easy-to-use interface, coupled with robust search capabilities, simplifies the retrieval process, allowing you to quickly locate the conversation you’re looking for.

Intelligent speech analytics also empowers you with valuable conversation insight, allowing you to proactively identify potential misconduct before it escalates. Recognizing that compliance goes beyond recording, Luware Recording also offers encrypted storage solutions that safeguard your data against potential breaches.

To learn more about how you can ensure communications compliance, please join us on Wednesday, November 22 for our webinar: How Luware Recording and Intelligent Voice Unlock Valuable Conversation Insights.

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