Personal Video Shopping with Microsoft Teams

Deliver an immersive and personalized shopping experience with Luware Interact. Pick up customers wherever they are and show them through your store with real-time video to convert more sales and to grow customer loyalty.


You don’t need any external software or applications. Employees receive all interactions directly in their Teams client.


Use personal video calls to help customers find what they are looking for from the comfort of their home.


Customer data stays inside your Teams tenant. Microsoft’s stringent regulatory compliance frameworks apply.

Turn online shopping into an experience

Easy to handle, easy to love

No plugin integration

To connect with your sales expert, customers click a call button on your website. The employee receives a normal Teams call on their desktop, tablet or phone. All the normal Teams functionality such as changing between voice, video and screenshare is available.

All interactions in Teams

Customers can choose whether to activate their camera. Chat and screenshare can be used by both parties, so that customer can share a photo of the type of product they are looking for or employees can send specifications.

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