Schedule Outbound Service Tasks and Campaigns via Power Automate

Long hold times are frustrating for both customers and contact center supervisors. Allowing your customers to schedule a callback at their convenience can significantly improve their experience. Scheduling outbound calls during periods of low inbound call volume can also help you meet your campaign performance goals. Previously, running such an outbound campaign required an expensive add-on. But with the latest contact center update for Luware Nimbus, you can now easily schedule and manage outbound tasks and campaigns with Power Automate.

With the newly introduced Outbound Service Sessions, you can now include callback options in your workflow to reduce wait times and provide customers with a satisfying exit scenario. For example, you could add an IVR that pops up after a certain queue wait time and gives customers the option to schedule a call back at a time that is convenient for them. Or you could add a link to your website that allows customers to schedule a call at a specific time.

You can also use outbound service tasks to create effective campaigns to proactively contact customers about promotional upsells or maintenance updates. Once you have integrated your CRM with Luware Nimbus, you can build a Power Automate flow that automatically schedules calls with all campaign members. This way you can effectively and proactively reach out to your customers.

Scheduled outbound service calls go directly into your desired service queue and are routed to an available agent. You can fine-tune this process to meet your needs by specifying things like distribution priority, the number of retries if a customer doesn’t pick up, and the time between call attempts. Once a callback is scheduled, you can also adjust it in the queue. And, of course, you can monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns with detailed reporting. You can track the status of outbound service tasks and view metrics such as outbound queue time, number of retries, and more.

The new Service Outbound Tasks Tabular widget shows the current outbound tasks for multiple services.

Other Updates

  • With the Nimbus Assistant, agents can now use the Click to Call feature to quickly connect with a customer without manually entering their phone number or copying it from a CRM. By simply clicking on a custom link, the Nimbus Assistant opens and automatically populates the phone number field. This allows agents to quickly initiate a call on behalf of their defined service.

By clicking on a custom link, the call window will automatically open with the number and outbound service preconfigured.

  • To cater to the needs of larger organizations with complex organizational structures, we have introduced a Limited Team Owner role that allows users only partial access to basic administrative settings, such as setting the hours of operation.
  • When searching for a Nimbus service, you can now hover over the service in the search results and see the available team members who are part of that service. This additional information can help you quickly identify the right person to contact for a specific request or task. And if you prefer not to see the team members’ names, you can easily disable this feature.

For a detailed overview of all improvements, please see the release notes.

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