What’s New in Nimbus: Organization Units With Role Based Access

Managing organizational complexity in the contact center can be challenging, especially in larger companies with different subsidiaries, branches, and sometimes even separate legal entities to oversee. To better manage such complex structures, we added Organization Units and a new “Organization Unit Admin” role to Nimbus.

You can use Organization Units to recreate your organization structure in Nimbus. The first role for Role Based Access Control allows you to restrict users’ access based on their role within an Organization Unit.

Read Along the Path

While you want to give departments autonomy in their configurations, you may want to define some universal announcements and workflows throughout the company. For example, to have annual holidays in the Opening Hours for all locations or use a corporate set of audio resources for announcements.

With Organization Units, administrators can manage their units and use all configurations along the path. They can access configurations from all parent units but not alter them. In the case of a giant supermarket chain, the local Zurich branch could use the corporate announcements from the chain but not adapt them. Administrators of the parent units can differentiate between common files that can be accessed along the path and non-common files that stay private in the parent entity.

Other Updates

To give agents extra flexibility in their post-processing of calls, we have made some improvements to After Call Work (ACW). Depending on the complexity of the call, agents might need more or less time. With the new update, agents can extend or stop the ACW themselves.