Luware Nimbus Demo Webinar |
Reporting for Efficient Customer Service

Nimbus, Luware’s comprehensive contact center suite, offers many Teams-native reporting capabilities: from real-time user and queue data to detailed call records in Power BI. Don’t worry if you missed our live demo webinar of Luware Nimbus focusing on the reporting capabilities. You can find a summary of what we covered during the session and the demo video below.

What The Demo Covered
  • Real-time reporting – including live queue information and live user state reporting
  • Historical dashboards – including core SLAs, KPIs, heatmaps, and user performance metrics
  • Custom dashboards – widget-based custom dashboards tool allowing users to build a bespoke view of their contact center, mixing both historical and live data
  • Power BI template – how to analyze and extract historical data using our comprehensive Power BI template


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