On-Demand Webinar: How to Leverage Integrations To Accelerate Your Contact Center

Your contact center solution becomes truly powerful when it’s integrated into your other systems and when it automates your processes. Relieve agents of mundane tasks and assist them with the information they need. When agents no longer need to switch between applications, they can focus on the customer and provide better and faster service.

In last week’s webinar, we showed how Luware Nimbus – our Teams-based contact center solution – integrates and automates your customer service. The solution lets you easily connect and leverage CRMs, ticketing systems, and Microsoft tools. It allows you to steer your customer service directly from Teams and helps you to optimize processes so that you can focus on the things that matter: your customers.

What the Session Covered:

  • Benefits of integrating and automating your customer service
  • Concrete integration and automation examples, shown as a Live Demo
  • Automate ticket management in your service desks
  • Complete customer journeys in the CRM
  • Manage missed calls and callbacks
  • Trigger service follow-ups and marketing actions
  • How integrations are technically done in Luware Nimbus

Watch the Webinar:

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