Luware Recording and Intelligent Voice Unite to Unlock Valuable Conversation Insights

Every customer interaction provides valuable insight into your customer experience and business processes. However, identifying meaningful patterns and trends from the vast amount of data generated can be challenging. That’s why Luware Recording has partnered with Intelligent Voice, a leading provider of speech analytics solutions, to bring enhanced data insights to your telephony interactions.

The seamless integration of Luware Recording’s cutting-edge recording technology with Intelligent Voice’s advanced speech analytics makes it easy to transcribe, analyze and extract valuable insights from telephony interactions in real-time. By effortlessly monitoring interactions, you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, enabling you to improve customer interactions, identify critical areas for process improvement, and ultimately secure a competitive advantage.

With new advanced speech analytics, you can even analyze and interpret customer sentiment in real-time. Intelligent Voice can identify a customer’s emotional tone and sentiment during a call, giving agents the insight they need to respond to the caller’s mood and deliver an optimal experience. This allows your agents to instantly improve the customer experience and call quality.

The partnership with Intelligent Voice also strengthens compliance. Luware Recording already captures and securely stores all telephony interactions, providing you with a complete record of customer interactions that can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements such as MiFID II and GDPR. With the addition of Intelligent Voice’s speech analytics, you can go one step further by improving data security, streamlining workflow processes, and turning calls into actionable and searchable data.

As the importance of the customer experience continues to grow, this partnership provides a critical opportunity to fully leverage telephony interactions and gain a competitive advantage. With this new partnership, Luware Recording and Intelligent Voice are taking a significant leap forward in speech analytics for telephony interactions. By combining these powerful technologies, organizations can gain valuable insights into customer sentiment, monitor key performance indicators, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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