The PM Perspective: Introducing External Task Routing and More

Another major release brings exciting new features to Luware Nimbus. The most exciting is the introduction of external task routing, which allows you to distribute work tasks from an external source such as Salesforce or HubSpot and treat them like any normal Luware Nimbus task. But before we dive into this feature, let me give you a quick update on other improvements so you can take full advantage of the latest developments.

Improved License Overview

With the new licensing information, administrators now have a better overview of the available licenses they can distribute to their team and also see how many Luware Nimbus licenses they have already assigned. This transparency will help you make informed decisions about your licensing needs and prevent disruptions to your business.

The new licensing overview shows the amount of assigned and free licenses.

Delay Workflows with External Tasks

With a new workflow activity, you can now add a delay time to workflows. This makes it possible to wait for processes such as Power Automate to complete before moving on to the next task.

“Queue” and “Input Customer” activities now have separate timeout / max. wait time labels to avoid confusion.

Permission Tables

Security is our top priority. That’s why we’ve introduced permission tables to enable row-level security in ODATA.

External Task Routing

Most excitingly, the latest release introduces external task routing through Power Automate. A new workflow type now allows you to process and distribute tasks from third-party systems. This means that you can now apply the routing logic you’ve come to love and trust in Luware Nimbus to these external tasks. For example, you can now assign a task such as updating a Salesforce account to the team member who has been idle the longest, or route Emails to the most qualified user based on their skills.

By distributing tasks from external third-party systems, you can further improve your workload management and optimally allocate resources to increase efficiency and ensure that customer inquiries are handled by the most qualified personnel, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Workflow activities now contain the new external task modality.

The above mentioned features will be rolled out sequentially to all clusters.

UK: September 28, 2023
DE: October 5, 2023
CH: October 12, 2023

For a complete overview of all improvements and technical details, please consult the Luware Nimbus Release Notes.

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