Joris – From PC Enthusiast to System Engineer

Joris’s passion for computers began at a young age when he started building together his own machines. When he had to choose an apprenticeship, the job description of a system engineer immediately caught his attention.

Joris handles customer tickets and helps customers migrate to the latest cloud technology.

Today, Joris works as a system engineer at Luware. He says: “The role at Luware appealed to me because the tasks are varied. I spend most of my time working on customer tickets. These can be anything from minor issues like checking for misnamed files to major challenges like identifying the cause of poor call quality. I also help customers migrate from older systems to the latest cloud technology and set up workflows.

"I came to Luware with the attitude that I want to be challenged and develop myself. This has opened up many opportunities for me."

To stay on top of the rapidly evolving technology landscape, Joris continues to educate himself. “I came to Luware with the attitude that I want to be challenged and develop myself. This has opened up many opportunities for me and Luware actively supports my education. I recently completed a Microsoft certification in Azure, and I will soon complete a Power BI certification. The courses are a nice change from the daily work and help me to grow personally while gaining valuable knowledge for my work at Luware”.

To solve customer problems quickly, Joris has found an efficient workflow. Joris explains, “One of the biggest challenges as a systems engineer is understanding the customer’s needs and defining the scope of work correctly. If I already know the problem, I can solve it quickly. If the problem is more complex, I first check to see if we have documented a similar problem in our knowledge base or if there is information on the internet about a similar case. If I can’t find an answer anywhere, I always have a strong team supporting me. Together, we always find a solution.”

His team is spread across several countries, but that doesn’t stop Joris from building good relationships with his colleagues. “The communication within our team is great. Sometimes I even chat with colleagues in the evening about more personal topics, which has led to real friendships”. Joris was also one of the first to try out Luware’s new exchange program. “It was a great experience,” says Joris, “I was able to interact more spontaneously with colleagues during coffee breaks and after work and get to know them better personally. Since my first interview at Luware, I’ve noticed that personal contacts are valued here, which I really like. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that it’s worth getting to know your colleagues not only professionally but also personally. It makes work a lot more fun.

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