The Luware Exchange Program: A New Way To Connect

The Luware exchange program is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. In its first installment, Joris and Steven from Zurich spent four weeks working in the London office and exploring the UK culture. Their conclusion: if you can, give it a go!

Joris and Steven got to know their colleagues better over dinner.

What Is the Luware Exchange Program?

The Luware exchange program allows employees to broaden their horizons and forge new relationships. Employees can work in one of the Luware offices in Zurich, London, or Warsaw for up to four weeks.

The Exchange Program allows employees to leave their usual workplace and see a different part of Luware.

Explore a Different Culture

System Engineer Joris and UI/UX Designer Steven were the first to embark on the exchange program. The two are usually based in Switzerland but spent four weeks working in the London office in October as part of the program.

Joris says, “it was great to not only visit the UK office but to truly experience it. Luware ensured that all the essentials, such as flights and accommodation, were taken care of, so we could concentrate on the experience.”

“We got to see and experience a lot,” adds Steven. “In the evenings, we got to know colleagues better over dinner. And people even took the time to hang out with us on the weekends. It was a perfect mix of work and play.”

Fostering Relationships

Because Luwarians are spread across Europe, Steven and Joris had never physically met some of their colleagues. Although Teams is a fantastic tool for collaboration, it can’t replace real-world connections.

“I feel like I was able to build genuine relationships – personally and professionally,” Steven says. “I’m happy that people also took the time to get to know us outside of work.” Joris agrees: “Everyone was really welcoming. It was nice to see all these people I only know from Teams in real life and to make some real friendships.”

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