Seamless integration of customer service into Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams for customer service is possible – today. Third-party add-ons bring the necessary extras for routing, forwarding, helpdesks and even complex contact centers. In order to utilize synergies and leverage Teams for all customer interactions solutions must have a seamless integration into Microsoft Teams. This will create great user experiences and therewith, drive customer satisfaction.

seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams

Customer enquiries get more complex

Customer service enquiries are getting more and more complex. While customers can often solve simple issues themselves via the companies’ websites or self-service portals, trickier cases require the involvement of customer service.

Seamlessly integrated solutions

Switching between several standalone applications is often a major pain point for contact center agents. Consolidating the number of platforms used for managing customer service channels not only reduces training, cost and complexity but also facilitates management, measurement and improvement of customer service – and enhances user experience. A fully integrated solution into Microsoft Teams ensures that employees work with one user interface, enabling straightforward and fast employee onboarding to the application.

All relevant information at hand

While it might be tempting to jump right into advanced features such as bots, process automation or artificial intelligence, simply giving your employees the right context information will go a long way. With a customer service solution that shows context information, e.g. customer information, past orders or current tickets, employees have all the relevant information at hand to easily help customers with complex enquiries.

Simplifying employees’ tool-set

By equipping employees with a simple tool-set and context information, they can serve customers more efficiently and competently which increases employee and customer satisfaction alike. Therefore, we believe that truly integrated solutions with a seamless user experience and which provide employees with the right information are the ideal approach to drive customer satisfaction.