New Supervisor Widget Improves Control and Resource Allocation

With the latest enhancements to Luware Nimbus, we have introduced new features that simplify the process of managing and optimizing your workforce distribution.

New User Supervisor Tabular Widget

The new User Supervisor Dashboard widget improves service management for supervisors. With the new widget, supervisors can easily view their agents and actively monitor and control their activity status, including ACW, RONA, and duty profiles. For example, if a service line is at capacity, supervisors can easily assign agents to the service. Similarly, if they notice that someone has been in RONA for an extended period of time, they can terminate their RONA status and reassign them to answering calls.

A new “User Supervisor Tabular” dashboard widget allows supervisors to administrate service User States.

Support for Transfer To External Targets, Service and Users

Reporting has been enhanced with additional information about how calls were routed by workflows and users. These insights can help you allocate resources more efficiently and improve the customer experience by identifying and resolving bottlenecks early.

Important Note: This feature only works if you have updated your Power BI Template to the newest version V1.81

For a detailed overview of all new features, please consult our release notes.

Release Notes

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