Improvements and New Features: Email Distribution & Chat Over Interact

During the roll-out of our next release in CW 17/2024 we will activate two additional functionalities in our productive environments. The features will be activated in a staged roll-out and should be available to all clusters by the end of the week.

Email Distribution With Luware Nimbus

With this feature, you can improve customer email response times. It allows you to efficiently handle inquiries and deliver personalized, timely responses. You can distribute emails received by an exchange online mailbox within your organization to a dedicated Luware Nimbus service. Luware Nimbus users can then access the My Service Sessions page to reply to these emails.

To activate the email feature, follow these steps:  

  • Acquire licenses
  • Assign the licenses to user
  • Create the mailbox configuration
  • Add the mailbox configuration to the service and run the provisioning script.

 The provisioning script adds two additional permissions to the Luware Nimbus application: 

  • Mail.ReadWrite
  • Mail.Send

To restrict the permission to selected mailboxes, you have to introduce an access restriction policy. The linked white paper explains how to set up the restriction policy.

Chat Over Interact

We are introducing the ability to chat with your customers over Interact, the web-based communication platform. Interact allows you to embed a chat widget on your website, so customers can initiate chat conversations with your support team.

To enable the chat feature, please take the following steps: 

  • Acquire licenses
  • Add the licenses to user
  • Configure the Interact settings in the Admin Portal

For further details about how to set up and use the chat feature, please contact your Customer Success representative.

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