Improved Organizational Unit-Level Management and Reporting

Managing the complexity of a contact center can be challenging, especially for larger organizations with multiple branches and subsidiaries. To help you manage your organizational units more effectively in these complex structures, we’ve enhanced our administration and reporting tools.

Filter by Organization Unit In Dashboard Widgets

Previously, Luware Nimbus did not allow you to filter by Organization Unit in User and Services widgets. With the new update, Organization Unit has been added as an additional data source option. This means that in widgets such as “Service KPI Chart”, “Service KPI Comparison Chart”, “Service KPI Graph”, and other user widgets, you can now select by Organization Unit instead of just users or services.

New Organization Unit data source option.

Administration Improvements

In addition to the ability to filter by Organizational Units, additional filter criteria have been added to the Users and Services grid in the Administration Center. To narrow your search criteria, you can now filter by the following:

User Filters:

  • Display Name
  • UPN
  • O365 ID
  • Is Attendant Console enabled
  • Active profile

Service Filters:

  • Name
  • PSTN
  • State
  • User Assignment Type
  • Modality

New filtering options.

Reporting at the Organizational Unit Level

Based on your feedback, we have enhanced reporting to show which Organizational Unit a service or user belongs to and when they handled a call. The enhanced reports now clearly identify the Organizational Unit to which a service or user belongs and provide details on when they handled a call.

In the future, there will also be an option to address scenarios where a user or service is moved to a different Organization Unit. Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine and expand our reporting capabilities.

For a complete overview of all improvements and technical details, please consult the Luware Nimbus Release Notes.

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