Never Miss Another Task

Customer calls can result in additional work such as service requests or CRM updates. Overlooking these tasks can lead to missed deadlines, backlogged work, and customer frustration. That’s why we’ve added a new feature to Luware Nimbus to enable notifications for incoming external tasks so that your employees are immediately alerted when a new task comes in.

Enable Notifications for Incoming External Task

Make sure your employees never miss an incoming external task by enabling audio and browser notifications. With this new feature enabled, every time a new external task arrives, employees will receive an audio queue as well as a notifications tab with the external task. These browser notifications will be in the language configured in the user preferences. Please note that Luware Nimbus has to be opened in the browser to receive these notifications. Further details are described in the release notes.

New feature enables user notifications for external tasks

Store Conversation Context

By default, the system does not retain any contextual data, including custom parameters or conversation context, when a service session ends. This lack of retention can make it difficult to analyze past interactions and quickly retrieve relevant information.

With the new feature, which you can enable for each service, you can now save the conversation context for 30 days and allow the user to scroll through old calls on the My Service Session and also see the conversation context is then displayed (parameters, links).

It’s important to note that users are responsible for ensuring that data provided to Luware Nimbus from external third-party systems, such as custom parameters for displaying customer information, is compliant and can be used and stored in the Luware Nimbus Conversation Context for the specified retention period.

New Service Heatmap Widget

This new dynamic widget, which can be added to the non-personal dashboard, provides a visual heat map of task resolution information with up to four weeks of historical data. Users can easily view completed, uncompleted, or all tasks to gain valuable insight.

The new Service Heatmap Dashboard widget displays a heatmap of task resolution information with historical data going back up to 4 weeks.

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