Microsoft Integration Models

There is a lot of confusion about how a contact center can be integrated with Microsoft Teams. A good way to distinguish integration methods is Connect, Extend, and Power. In this whitepaper, we shed light on the various approaches and how they benefit customers.

Connect – Extend – Power:
How Contact Centers Can Be Integrated With Microsoft Teams

Several contact center integrations are available for organizations that want to add business tools, workflows, and extended call management capabilities to Microsoft Teams. These differ in their depth of integration, and Microsoft has categorized them into three integration models: Connect, Extend, and Power.

This whitepaper offers a comprehensive and clear overview of the different integration approaches. It clarifies the benefits and limitations of the different methods and helps you find the solution that best fits your organization.

The Three Approaches in a Nutshell


The contact center solution connects to Teams using SIP connectivity.


The contact center solution uses the full Cloud Communication Graph API to access functionalities and extends the Teams app.


Currently not possible. The contact center solution can directly access Teams functionality through Teams SDK.

In this Whitepaper, you will also learn:

  • How the architecture behind call handling affects the media stream.
  • What a user client is and how it impacts the user experience.
  • Which integration approach fits your corporate strategy.

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