Improvements and new Features for Luware Nimbus

The update began on 25 March and is expected to be completed by 28 March.

Improvements on the My Services Page

This release brings a revamped My Services page for an enhanced user experience. The streamlined layout and refined column headers maximize information within the available space.

This is especially helpful for users who rely on various modalities like Audio or External Task during sessions. Now, the modalities for each session have their own dedicated column, while the overall session count remains clearly visible. With a Full-HD monitor, you can see up to four sessions at once, removing the previous limitation!

The modalities column reveals the communication channel used for each session (Audio, External Task, etc.). This is key to our platform’s growth, as we plan to introduce new modalities like Chat and Email. By seeing the modality, you’ll always know which agents can handle the task at hand. As, tasks are assigned based on the agent’s licenses relevant to the required modality.


New Activity Button – e.g. on the Workflow Editor

Based on your feedback, we improved the Workflow Editor for increased efficiency. The previous sidebar containing the activities has been removed. Instead, a dedicated “Add Activity” button resides in the top-right corner.

Clicking this new button will open an overlay window for element selection. You can search for specific workflow elements, drag them to your workflow, and view their usage frequency within your current workflow.

This new design offers two key benefits: increased workspace for editing and faster element selection through search and usage insights.

The same design has been implemented on other pages such as the Non-Personal Dashboard as well.


Resources Page on Admin Portal

The Nimbus Admin Portal now features a dedicated Resources Page for easy access to important information and tools related to Nimbus, such as:

  • Release notes
  • Nimbus App Manifest
  • Provisioning Script
  • Power Automate Connector

The Resources Page will be continually updated to include the most recent versions of these resources. We hope that this feature will help you keep up to date with Nimbus.



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