Customer success stories

The stories we like to tell most are those of our customers and how they enhance their customer service.

With Luware Stratus Team, CREALOGIX was able to use Microsoft Teams in their customer service in a very short time frame.

With the introduction of Skype for Business, the LUCS contact center solution and Verint's recording software, the Swiss bank Valiant modernized its telephone infrastructure and customer service. This enables them to interact and communicate with customers more easily, safely and efficiently.

The comprehensive needs analysis by the City of Lucerne led to a platform and product-independent World Trade Organization (WTO) tender process. The contract was awarded to Swisscom and Luware, which includes Luware's Microsoft Skype for Business, LUCS, TeamManager and PresenceAssistant, as well as Verint Verba's recording solution.

Hauptsitz der Würth-Gruppe in Deutschland

The majority of customers of the Würth Group still prefer contacting them via telephone. Internally, the telephone solution has already been converted to Microsoft Skype for Business, which is why a solution for the Contact Center of Würth was sought after based on Microsoft Unified Communications. Requirements, such as ease of use for employees and native integration, had to be taken into consideration.

SAP Hauptsitz in Deutschland

SAP added Luware’s LUCS contact center built on Skype for Business to gain efficiencies from their company-wide migration to Skype for Business, reduce their on-premises infrastructure demands and free up their IT staff to be more strategic.

Credit Suisse Hauptsitz Paradeplatz in Zürich

More and more consumers are using online services. Digitization is changing consumer behavior and expectations more than any other technology has before. By consistently driving digitization, Credit Suisse is becoming more efficient and closer to the customer. Multichannel offerings are being merged into a seamless consumer experience, while customers experience the same levels of comfort and service as they would during a physical visit to customer consultants

UBS Hauptsitz Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich

Within the scope of the 5 Broadgate project and in the course of the consolidation of all real properties, all of the services have been oriented towards the future working requirements.

Hauptsitz Konica Minolta Deutschland

The classic telephone system of Konica Minolta Business Solution Denmark a/s (Konica Minolta) was to be replaced with a VoIP solution. The decision in favor of Skype for Business was made swiftly. The evaluation required for transforming Skype for Business into a fully functioning Contact Center, on the other hand, took quite some time.

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