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The comprehensive routing solution

TeamManager is a universal routing solution that overcomes the limitations of Skype for Business integrated Response Groups. With TeamManager, service requests can be automatically distributed to appropriate departments, teams, or services and delivered to each member of the team using the availability status of Skype for Business.

The presence status of the team results from the status of the individual members. A team is available if at least one team member is available. If all team members are busy or absent, the status of the team will be displayed accordingly. Team members are automatically available to their team service after launching the Skype for Business Client and can act on different teams at the same time as needed.

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TeamManager features

TeamManager provides comprehensive reporting to assess a teams performance. Data can be stored in the company’s own data warehouse or analyzed with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power BI.

All Skype for Business modalities are supported. Conversations can be conducted by chat, voice or video. In addition, a change of the communication channel is possible at any time. Desktop Sharing can be added as additional support. Workflows using drag-and-drop enable the creation of call flow.

It is possible to define parameters that can be changed by the team administrators (eg announcements, forwarding numbers, waiting time, etc.). TeamManager can be used in combination with Office 365 with team members hosted in Skype for Business Online.

TeamManager is a server application that is native to Skype for Business and works without an additional client. For high availability, TeamManager servers are designed redundantly.


The Team Choice functionality allows employees or team administrators to independently dial into assigned teams without involving the IT department.

Opening Hours

Opening hours, holidays and on-call time are easily and conveniently managed via Outlook or Outlook Web App.


Routing of calls is carried out in TeamManager according to the “Longest Idle” or “SimRing / Broadcast” principles. If all members of a team are occupied, not present or offline, then TeamManager enables the transfer to a next team.


Web-Reporting displays the daily key figures as well as historical data including graphics. The team leader has the possibility to screen according to different teams, times and other variables and thus gain an overview of the overall performance.

and much more...


Fair and purposeful routing. Straightforward management of employees and teams. Comprehensive reporting options. With TeamManager, you integrate all divisions into customer communication and thus create an efficient workload distribution.

Micha Kleinberger, Product Manager TeamManager
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