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In places in the organization where many conversations are facilitated, the acceptance of the system depends on the simplicity and speed of these conversations. Switchboard addresses this issue and enhances Skype for Business functionalities for routing conversations, chats and video communications. The application is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. Mostly there is only a single click needed in order to forward a conversation. The employee is assisted by the presence information when forwarding a call. Switchboard improves the fast and efficient forwarding of calls. This is made possible by the direct availability display of the presence status information of all employees in the organization. The telephone communication of a company is its audible business card.

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Switchboard Features

Switchboard is a stand-alone application and does not require integration into an existing contact center environment. Whether it’s used for regular forwarding operations or only for internal redirection, Switchboard provides ideal support and simplifies the operation of Skype for Business Client.

Drag & Drop Call Controll

Calls can be easily forwarded via Drag & Drop by means of a touch function or mouse.

Calendar Integration

Switchboard provides a natively integrated calendar integration of Outlook / Exchange to make assessing the availability of individual contacts easier.

Templates IM & Mail

Individually personalized templates for call back requests via email or chat.

Safe Transfer

Unlike today with Skype for Business, calls which cannot be put through to the recipient are sent back to the mediating staff in a Blind Transfer.

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With Luware’s Switchboard, calls and chats can be routed easily and efficiently to the right person. With this solution, you receive the essential tool for a modern operator workplace.

Victor Ruch, Product Manager Switchboard

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