Stratus Team

Serve main numbers and help desks with Microsoft Teams

Why not use Microsoft Teams for your customer service lines and help desks as well? Luware Stratus Team adds the missing pieces to use the cloud-based collaboration and communication platform for inbound, IT help desk, branch offices, suppliers and customer inquiries. We make sure that your customers can always reach you and route their calls directly to the responsible employee.

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Improve productivity
  • Direct and team calls in MS Teams
  • Balance the organization workload
  • Receive detailed reporting
Customer satisfaction
  • Short waiting times
  • Direct reaching of the right person
  • Low handling times
Fully cloud-based
  • Pay as you use
  • No fix costs
  • Continuous feature updates

How many customers have called? Have they all been served? The dashboard gives detailed answers at a glance and supports you in adapting your processes to never lose a call.

Manage teams & opening hours

Your team leaders manage the service teams themselves on the user-friendly web interface. No more IT-support: Within seconds, they can change announcements, forwarding goals, opening hours and more.

Call queuing

Calls are seamlessly distributed to Microsoft Teams users based on their presence status. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interaction Conversation Response (ICR) allow you to further optimize your call queue.

Stratus Team is a routing solution for Microsoft Teams with comprehensive reporting

Crealogix live with Stratus Team

CREALOGIX replaced Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams to optimize customer interaction and create a more secure way of communication overall. With Stratus Team they added features such as routing of main numbers and comprehensive reporting.

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