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Web chat, voice and video for your customer service

RTC Launcher brings chat, voice and video as well as desktop sharing functionalities to the website, enabling easy and fast communication between employees and customers, suppliers or partners. The communication channels connect directly to the internally deployed Skype for Business infrastructure, integrating customer service on the company’s website. Customers do not need to dial a phone number and or install software in order to communicate with the company. On the website, customers can decide how to contact the company (chat, audio or video) and are then directed to the desired service.

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RTC Launcher Features

RTC Launcher is prepared for integration into the routing solution Luware Team Manager or the contact center solution Luware LUCS. This extends the possibilities of the RTC Launcher and increases its flexibility such as the forwarding of requests to either a person, a team or a service. If Luware Team Manager or Luware LUCS are used, customer inquiries can be pre-qualified automatically via voice or chat via IVR, which in turn helps to direct the customer to the right employee.

In addition, there are real-time and historical reporting available. If the chats, voice and video calls generated with the RTC Launcher are to be recorded, evaluated or archived, this can be achieved with the integrated Verint Verba “Collaboration Compliance Recording” solution. This solution can be purchased additionally. Customers use a standard Internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera) to contact the company. The installation of a plug-in is not necessary.


The RTC Launcher integrates seamlessly (plug-in-free) into the website and stands for easy and fast communication between customers and employees.

Audio & Video

Media-disruptive extension of audio and video communication. Thanks to the integration on a website, customers can easily create a chat, voice or video connection with a simple click. A change between the individual modalities can be executed without interruption.


The RTC Launcher also delivers Co-Browsing functionalities on websites.

App Integration

The integration of RTC Launcher functionality in mobile applications (iOS available / Android in the near future) is also possible and allows the realization of novel applications. Customers can be identified and additional information (customer number, order number, reason for contacting, location, etc.) is submitted when they contact the company. This makes a direct forwarding to a suitable agent possible.

and much more...


Let customers communicate directly with your employees on your website with just one click.

Fabio Laib, Produkt Manager RTC Launcher

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