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Forwarding based on presence status

Luware Assistant extends the Skype for Business presence status functionality and provides the much-requested “busy on busy” and “manager/assistant” features. Assistant makes it easy for employees to forward calls based on all five presence states. The routing of incoming calls is simplified and the accessibility of the individual employees increased. With automatic forwarding, no calls are lost and manual intervention is no longer required.

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Assistant features

Assistant enables automatic call distribution of incoming calls by configuring specific routing rules, depending on the presence status of employees in Skype for Business.

Assistants can respond appropriately to calls to managers with Assistant. The software allows authorized employees to “break through” a redirection. In addition, redirections to representatives or assistants no longer need to be manually reconfigured each time.

Assistant can be operated or configured in different ways. Users can carry out settings through a website which is accessed directly from the Skype for Business Client using single sign-on. In addition, the service desk as well as the assistant, as a so-called “delegate”, is able to modify forwardings for certain employees. The system administrator can of course also configure any settings. The system administrator is primarily used to set up Assistant.

Never lose a call

PresenceAssistant enables automatic call distribution of incoming calls by simple configuration of certain routing rules, depending on the status of the employee. This ensures that calls will no longer be lost due to the lack of automatic forwarding. At the same time manual delegation configuration can be foregone.

Retroactive Routing

Routing-Rules extend the Skype for Business’s presence status with an impact-oriented presence so that all calls are handled according to the current presence status and its settings. The BusyOnBusy functionality enables the blocking or direct forwarding of all calls during an ongoing call. (applicable under the “busy” or “do not disturb” status)

Manager Assistant

Assistants are offered the possibility to respond adequately to incoming calls for managers. If the manager has enabled redirection to the assistant, then this redirection can be interrupted. This ensures that urgent consultations can be made despite of a “busy” or “do not disturb” status.

PresenceAssistant: Manager Assistant

Black & Whitelist

The blacklist feature adds a filter list to PresenceAssistant. The enables the user to manage phone numbers or SIP addresses independently.

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Assistant extends the functionality of Skype for Business with the often requested “busy on busy” and “boss/sec” features and optimizes employee reachability.

Micha Kleinberger, Product Manager Assistant
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