What is it like to work at Luware?

At Luware, we pride ourselves in our unique spirit. But what is that spirit? And how does it manifest itself in everyday life? We asked some of our employees to tell you more about their life at Luware.

I feel like I am at the right place at the right time. My Luware journey has just started, and I hope it will last a very long time. I look forward to new challenges every day.”
Markus, Professional Services
Meeting deadlines in the right way is one of the most difficult challenges. A time machine would be a very helpful superpower.
Anastasiya, Project Manager
Luware was a big opportunity for me. I got the chance to gain a lot of responsibility right out of university and am able to learn something new every day.
Fabio, Product Owner
I applied for a different job within the company, but Luware noticed that I would be a much better fit for this position, and I am now very happy that I get to do what I enjoy.
Sylvia, Customer Success Specialist

What are we looking for in future Luwarians?

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